So over the past month, I have been generating quite a few custom replica cut signature cards.  So of you are probably wondering why anyone would want them.  The truth is I’ve sold a bunch on eBay and people are asking me to put more up or they have people they want autographs of.  So I decided to try something different on the site.

I want to unload all the made cards I have and decided that the fun way to do this is to make a grab bag.  I was charging $15 per card, but for the purposes of this, I’m selling them for $9 each.  Here is a list of cards I have available:

Buddy Holly, Cy Young, Josh Gibson, James Naismith, Charles Comiskey, Christy Mathewson, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstien, George Washington, and Bart Starr

That is 12, I am going to make 3 more (Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Franklin Roosevelt), but before I make the final three cards, I am wondering if anyone is interested in this or is it just a pipe dream of mine to sell them?  If you are interested please leave a comment.  Some of the cards can be seen in the slideshow below.



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  1. brandon says:

    I’d be interested. Also ever thought of doing a dual cut, maybe a Mantle/Maris cut auto? Also how cool would it be to add a “game used patch” or something to it. Just some ideas.

    • chemgod says:

      I have done some dual cuts, however I lost all my templates so I’d have to come up with another one from scratch. Something I will do soon.

  2. Chris C. says:

    Love your custom cards. Very different!

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