A few years ago a former executive of Fleer, Topps and Donruss wrote a post about whether having a license from the various sports and player associations was worth it for making a card set.  His answer was a resounding no.  It allows the manufacturer to pass the savings of not paying extra fees on to the consumer.

Unfortunately that savings is almost never passed on.  So think about other part of it, allowing a micro manufacturer to make their own sets.  It makes the people who want to make a release have to get very creative with the design.  The reason I bring this all up was while I was surfing eBay listings for cut cards I came across this:

Kind of a neat design, I liked it so much my new cut template in yesterday’s post steals from it.  I had never heard of Tri City Sports before, so I started doing some digging and found two you tube videos:

I then tried to do some more hunting and came across their website <link>.  Apparently the company was formed in 2008 out of Poland.  They mainly stuck to making cards and stickers for a local soccer club.  Then due to financial distress the company was sold to the current owner (Paul).  He then put together a healthy checklist of cut signatures and is slated to release the product mid – January. Here is the product breakdown:

  • One cut card per box.
  • 14 boxes per case, each case will have one hotbox with 2 cut autographs, the rest will have one cut autograph.
  • Each case has four 1/1 cut autographs.
  • Dual cut autographs run at a rate of one in every two cases.
  • All non 1/1 cards are numbered to 10 or less.

Here is a checklist of some of the players:

All Stars Cuts (Cut Auto’s of Past and Present Players who have played in a All Star Game!)

(All Stars Cuts are all Numbered 1/1)

# AS-AP Albert Pujols

# AS-BD Bobby Doerr

# AS-DJ Derek Jeter

# AS-DW David Wright

# AS-JD Joe Dimaggio

# AS-HR Hanley Ramirez

# AS-KG Ken Griffey JR

# AS-NR Nolan Ryan

# AS-RH Ryan Howard

# AS-TL Tim Lincecum

Vintage Cuts (Cut Auto’s of Players Pre 1975)

(Vintage Cuts are all Numbered 1/1

# VC-BD Bobby Doerr

# VC-BR Babe Ruth

# VC-BT Bill Terry

# VC-DS Duke Snider

# VC-GK George Kell

# VC-JM Joe Morgan

# VC-JP John Pesky

# VC-MM Mickey Mantle

# VC-PR Phil Rizzuto

# VC-RB Ralph Branca

# VC SC Stan Covelski

# VC-TC Ty Cobb

# VC-TW Ted Williams

# VC-JR Jackie Robinson

Silver Screen Cuts ( Cut Auto’s of Past and Present Superstars from Movies, TV, Music Industry)

(Silver Screen Cuts are all Numbered 1/1)

# SS-AD  Ann Davis ( Golden Girls Actress)

# SS-AS  Arnold Schwarzenegger ( Terminator Series Actor/ Governor)

# SS-BC  Bill Clinton (former USA President)

# SS-BK  Ben Kinsley ( Schindlers List Actor)

# SS-BS  Bob Saget ( Full House Actor)

# SS-DV  Dick Vitale (HOF Basketball Broadcaster)

# SS-JF  Jeff Foxworthy (Actor/Stand Up Comedian)

# SS-JM  John Madden (HOF Football Broadcaster)

# SS-NS  Niel Sedake (Singer 1959 -1999)

# SS-PB  Polly Bergen ( Actor/Singer 1949-2009)

# SS-RD  Robert Deniro ( Good Fellas Actor)

# SS-RR1  Rob Reiner (Producer)

# SS-RR2  Racheal Roberts ( Model)

# SS-TW  Tiger Woods (Pro Golfer)

PSA/DNA Redemption Program ( All of these are 1/1’s with TriCity Sports Stickers and PSA/DNA Stickers and are inserted in to boxes as Redemptions)

Derek Jeter Full Size Jersey Auto 1/1  (PSAR-1)

Albert Pujols Baseball Auto 1/1           (PSAR-2)

Mickey Mantle 8×10 Auto 1/1              (PSAR-3)

Ken Griffey JR Full Size Bat Auto 1/1   (PSAR-4)

There are over 800 1/1 cut autographs being released.  I am trying to get a box to review and give away on the website.  Visit their website by clicking on the logo below and take a look at some of their other cards.


5 responses »

  1. Rick says:

    This stuff looks like its packed with alot of high dollar cuts looks solid

  2. jl says:

    Who needs card company’s anymore, if the average joe can make from a computer, and design just about anything, hate to say the with the internet Bad Wax might just be the next Topps.

  3. JBob says:

    that’s so random and cool! I love their moxie

  4. bamlinden says:

    It’s interesting. With no photos used, there’s nothing more than the autograph itself and some design elements. So from a copyright standpoint, there is nothing to stop them I would think.

    Unfortuntely, their QC is pretty low. It’s a shame they can’t spell “Dimaggio” or “Killebrew”.

    That would suck to make a cut auto – a one shot deal in many cases – and botch the spelling.

  5. todduncommon says:

    Interesting, but it don’t trust it any more than I trust the established (and less-established) card companies making this cut signature nonsense. I still don’t understand why an autographed photo of Summer Glau is somehow more “valuable” when hacked up and inserted in a card, than by leaving the photo alone.

    If the person is alive at the time of production, there’s no reason why anybody should make a cut signature card. Almost instantly valueless and uninteresting, except in the most rare cases, like Tiger Woods, where the provenance of the signature is entirely absent. I have no reason to trust the validity of the high end cuts in this product, especially of the dead guys.

    Why would anybody cut a Ruth these days, for any reason? Even proving it’s real may take the context of the document out of which it was hacked.

    On one hand, I respect the entrepreneurial spirit of the venture, as well as the somewhat more sane price point than competitors like Razor, but wish it could be directed differently. The world needs a new Kim Kardashian cut signature card like she needs a new hole in the head.

    Recommendations? At least add a little more creativity to the frame design, and make sure that the signature itself is *never* trimmed or clipped to fit it into a frame. Any expert on autographs will tell you that you immediately castrate the intrinsic value of an auto when that happens. Is the auto too big for a standard card frame? Don’t use it, or put it in a bigger frame–maybe a redemption. Also make the TCBY or whatever logo smaller (or even on the back of the card). Nobody is impressed by it, and it will provide more room to improve the design.

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