I re-worked the entire front from scratch, using another base I had as a starting point.  I think it came out nice and not as over the top as the other one.

So besides being off center (which I didn’t notice until now), what do you think?

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  1. jl says:

    Like this design better, but what is with the bats and the moon in the corner, I think the bad wax logo belongs there, since this is your custom brand, and all makers have there mark.

  2. brandon says:

    Still not a fan of the Halloween theme (bats and moon). I think simple and basic is the way to go. Rename it Cuts of Greatness, Slices of History, Traditional Cuts, Cuts in Time, etc. The Frankencuts and the Halloween theme just take away from the beauty of the cards. Just a idea

  3. phil says:

    cnt find the new listings for signings

  4. Mike says:

    I sat on the design a little and come back to it, and I’m kinda in the same boat as Brandon and JL. Even with the Petty auto in its place, the first location my eyes would go to is the corner with the spooky adage. Maybe from the horizontal positioning, maybe because it is an oddball item on a familiar medium. I like Brandon’s idea about the title change if it means keeping the product clean and crisp. We bitch and moan all the time about Topps and friends making cards that have no concept – which you follow up with a good point about the Frankencuts – but I think for a complete line of cards some autos might get lost behind the concept. Just my two cents on the matter. For what’s its worth, I like the artistry of your design, just not an entire line of them…the Frankencuts would be fantastic if you were able to find an auto of Elvira or autos of The Munsters or something like that!!!

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