These are getting tougher to come by . . .

Baseball Cards – $150

I’ve found a pile of baseball cards from my younger years (mostly 1980-90) that I don’t have the time or desire to price out.

On the whole, they’ve been taken care of and are in good to excellent condition. There are roughly 2000 of them.

$150 will take them off my hands. Any takers.
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First Take: Guy is look for about 75 cents a card for cards that are worth a penny.  A nice person would give him $30 for the whole bunch but none of us are nice which is why we read these Craigslist Idiots.  Lord Bynun III awaits!

The Emails:

Me: Kind sir, I was perusing the local List of Craig and found your amazing set of cards.  These cards would be considered antiques right?  Relics of the days of yore!  Oh how I simply love to hold the older cards, the thinness of the cardboard, the baffling designs, they just don’t make cards like this anymore!  My serfs have been salivating with the prospect of getting these cards and storing them for another 20 years to see how they would appreciate.  With players such as Bo Jackson, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Ken Caminitti, how could they go wrong.  Also at nearly 75 pence per card, it’s simply too good a deal to pass up.  Can you tell me anything further about these cards?


Lord Bynun III

CI: Look I don’t know if you are for real or not “lord” but I was hoping to get 150 for the lot.  There are a lot of all stars and hall of fame players in the bunch and I think it’s a decent deal.  I’ve seen most of these cards go for between a dollar or two on ebay so I figure 75 cents isn’t bad.  Are you still interested I can meet you tonight if you want.

Me: Sir, many men have questioned my title of Lord and have paid a stiff price.  I am willing to overlook your callousness and chuck it up to you just being an American.  So back to the cards, as I said I am really getting these for my serfs, as they have been good little servants this year, however I know the first thing they are going to question is how many battle scars these cards have? Surely these cards have seen many miles given their age.  Manybe even have been to a war and back, maybe Desert Storm?  The more scars the merrier I always say and we definitely pay for war stories.  Please get back to us as we are dying with anticipation.  We are simply giddy with all the excitement surrounding these cards.


Lord Bynun III

CI: ha ha no “battle scars” and they have never been to war.  I kept them in pockets in binders so they would not get destroyed during moves.  Does this mean you aren’t interested since they don’t have stories?

Me: On the contrary my good sir, this allows me to negotiate with you better since I now have an excellent idea of their net worth.  I am under the understanding that cards from the late 80s and early 90s were, how shall I put this, mass manufactured, so that each card was worth not more than a penny.  Some sets from that era, which have over 600 cards aren’t worth more than 10 dollars, and some of the cards you have are from those sets.  My serfs and I have calculated the exact value of your cards and we come up with $9.22.  We have decided to round up and offer you $10 since we are such good chaps.  So can I send my knights over to drop off the $10 in gold dust and pick up the cards?


Lord Bynun III

CI: Like I said I have seen them go for a dollar each on ebay and I’m sticking to my regular price, take it easy.

Me: Sir you do know that most auctions start at a dollar.  The cards are really not worth that much.  You can go to this site and learn more about the value of your cards <link> or this site to learn more about what people think of your cards <link>.

CI: Why do you even waste people’s time with your garbage, I’m just trying to sell my cards, I don’t have time for this crap.  Why don’t you just put a gun in your mouth and save us all some time.

Me: OK, I get it but really, 75 cents a card for worthless crap that is fire kindling? Come on buddy even you know it’s crap.  Everyone knows bidding starts at 99 cents on eBay.  Go to a site like and find out the real value.  Good luck ripping people off.

Final Take: In the end 150 for that sorry bunch was ridiculous.  Sorry, but everyone reading this knows those cards are worth at most 10 to 20 cents.  Most though are worth pennies (maybe).  If he gets anything over $15 he should just jump at the chance.  Just my two cents.  Hope you enjoyed! Lord Bynun III signing off…



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  1. Fan says:

    I don’t know…something about the guy’s post seemed honest. It wasn’t that he was trying to rip people off so much as he was lazy about pricing out the cards. That doesn’t mean it’s worth $150, I just like it more when you try and infuriate the people who talk up these cards or use 1990-values or whatever. Still a huge fan.

  2. Clay says:

    I didn’t know it was possible to have a CI with out several F-Bombs. I enjoy reading these but this time your math was a little off. $150/2000 cards is 7.5 cents a card… not a total rip off. 75 cents a card would have been $1500 and a total rip off!

  3. bamlinden says:

    Actually, it’s not .75 cents a card he was looking for – it’s 7 1/2 cents per card.

    $150 divided by 2000 cards is 0.075.


    0.075 X 2000 = 150

    I never got the sense that he was trying to rip people off with this listing.

    Don’t like this one at all and I’d even like to see an apology to him for doing some incorrect math.

  4. todduncommon says:

    I suppose that laziness can be a form of honesty. I don’t see how anyone who has checked eBay actually believes that “these go for” at least a dollar. To me, “go for” equals “sold”. Cards set to auto re-list until Ragnarok isn’t much of a baseline for estimated value. This guy may have been trying to only troll a line out there, rather than dredge fish, but both kinds are still trying to hook a sucker.

    There are some gems in this one, indeed. I wonder if it’s possible to see ten dollars’ worth of gold dust with the naked eye. I bet there’s more gold in the leaf flakes in one of those gimmicky bottles of saki than there would be in ten bucks of dust. Of course, one could spray paint some dryer lint gold, and then it would look like a lot.

  5. todduncommon says:

    The best part of many of these is the equally knee-jerk response from the would-be scammer of “wasting their time” with this nonsense, etc.

    1) If they are putting junk like this on Craigslist trying to angle for a few shady bucks, then they have an inflated value of their own time;

    2) Whatever the supposed value of their time, they are in fact, the ones who wasted it to begin with by posting such an irresponsible, attractive nuisance;

    2) You are hardly wasting your time, as you are generating blog post material and getting significant entertainment value.

    So tell me why again, are you supposed to refrain from wasting their time when they practically invited you (or any other random) to do so?

  6. Bo says:

    Here’s a different one, not sure if it’s an idiot but it’s odd. Basically, he’ll trade you his boa constrictors for your pre-1975 baseball cards.

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