I saw this in the Panini Drool List.  Finally Panini goes and uses the Donruss name in football the way it should.  One of the most iconic logos in baseball card history is the Rated Rookie logo.  To see an entire release based on this just makes me giddy.  I am not an active football card collector but I will go after this set.

Here are some of the pictures Panini released of the cards:





Here is the best part, the set is 100 cards so each box is a set.  You also get an autographed card with each box.  The price point for all this . . . $19.95.  Available at your local big box retailers sometime in January.  Coming on the heels of another set I loved design-wise Crown Royale, I have to say I am starting to give the edge in design to Panini.  I think they understand what the collectors have been clamoring over and that is a great design.

How do you feel about this release?


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  1. todduncommon says:

    It’s funny to think that the lower case “d” logo and the “Rated Rookie” script in that fashion only matched up for one year — 1985 Baseball. 1984 Rated Rookies were the first year they had the subset, but with a different script. In 1986 and a bit beyond, they had that script, but there was no Donruss logo in ’86, and they had a new company logo by ’87.

  2. todduncommon says:

    I also agree, I like this design. Panini realized that they have some retro branding juju to play with, and the design is attractive without looking like it’s mimicking a retro design exactly, nor a retread of their currently boring stuff.

    Out of all of their football brands this year, I only liked Panini Threads much at all, and that is mostly for the quality of photographs and unobtrusive (but mildly uncreative) card design.

    I will try and buy this one. It reminds me a bit of the 2009 O-Pee-Chee baseball that UD released. Retro-ish, and attractive, without being a rehash.

    This gives me hope for Panini’s product direction. I just wish that they would release fewer products and concentrate more on each one that remained.

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