I saw this one on Facebook and it gave the link the to eBay auction.  I am not making this up, it could very well be the worst custom I have ever seen.  Not to mention the biggest butchering of a card I have ever seen.



In case you think your eyes are deceiving you, I assure you they are not.  You are looking at an Adrian Peterson, autographed Exquisite card . . . wait for it . . . cut in HALF! Not only that, he put in the NFL logo “patches” and tried to solder them in place?  To top it off, he wrote all over the autograph.  I think this “card” at this point is actually worthless!  It could have been worth something if the guy actually didn’t write on the autograph!

To think I wasn’t sure of what to write about tonight.  I think I just threw up in my mouth a little after looking at this too long.  So in short WTF?!?!?!

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  1. Kev says:

    I wonder if he paid $50 for it. Guy probably told him each half is worth $25.

  2. Mike D says:

    After reading his auction description of the card (and figuring out his third-grave level grammar), he sounds like a Craigslist Idiot. Except he admits he is selling something hokey, but is still taking credit for the card being some kind of unique “one-of-a-kind” item. I’d love to see this guy go through the CI ringer, just on the format of his eBay listing. And I would like to see how many hits his auction page has had, given there were no bids as of this morning. Very interesting find you have made!

  3. Dan says:

    Here’s what I sent the guy:
    “It boggles my mind to think someone actually thought writing something in black on authentic cards would increase it’s value. How much did you purchase this and the Chad Johnson cards for? Do you actually think this is worth $50?”

    I’ll keep you guys updated on his response.

  4. Hidden says:

    Its just sad people are tryin to alter cards for personal gain

  5. Weber 10 says:

    I think you should do the WTF thing weekly

  6. Laura says:

    The Favre one is just as bad. What kind of idiot would even customize a card by scribbling on there “All Day” and other worthless babble. Its like some one pulled that card and gave it to their kid who wrote on it.

  7. JBob says:

    everything about the auction is hilarious. Why can’t these type of people offer a sense of literacy? It cracks me up someone bid on it though.

  8. Corky says:

    You know he did it himself and is trying to claim someone else did it after he realized he destroyed a card that would have sold for well over $250 had it not been turned to crap and he is just trying to recoup some of his lost investment. What is even sadder is that there is actually someone who bid on it.

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