I was cleaning off my desk today and came across a pack of 2009 Goodwin Champions.  I remember when this came out and I was quite excited about it.  I started thumbing through a pack and you know what?  The design holds up, it still has the “wow factor”.

All the cards were very colorful, lots of chase cards, short prints, super short prints, mini cards, mini parallels, DNA cards, relic cards and even epidemiology cards.  On card autographs of decent players (for the most part).

Best of all boxes can be had on eBay right now for $40.  When it first came out they were getting $75-80 a box, but with the current discount these are worth the price of admission.  Two autographs and two game used per box.  For $40  this would be a fun box break.

This was the product breakdown:

Base Set
– Base Cards – 150 cards
– Short Prints- 40 cards
– Super Short Prints- 20 Cards
– Mini Exclusive High Series- 42 Cards

Inserts and Parallel Cards
– Printing Plates (Hobby Exclusive)
– Mini or Mini foil version
– Mini Black Bordered Gypsy Queen Back
– Mini Foil Black Bordered Magician Back (Hobby Exclusive! Limited to 8 hand numbered sets!)
– Citizens of the Day
– Citizens of the Century
– Ten (10) 20th Anniversary cards per box, on average!
– Original 1888 Goodwin Champions Buybacks

Autograph Cards: (ONE PER BOX)
– Goodwin Champions Hard- Signed Autograph Series – from the greatest legends of the world of sport!

Memorabilia Cards: (TWO PER BOX)
– Goodwin Champions Memorabilia Series – History and sport intertwine within the Goodwin Champions Memorabilia Series . . . Look for material cards of Cal Ripken, Joe DiMaggio and even Michael Jordan!

Memorabilia Cards: (ONE PER CASE) – All inserts below are HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!
– Entomology – A collection of DNA memorabilia cards focusing on astounding & rare butterflies and other amazing insects from across the globe!
– Landmarks – These memorabilia cards feature actual elements from the most famous landmarks around the world including coal from the Titanic wreck and salt from the Dead Sea!
– Thoroughbred Hair Cuts- Set of DNA memorabilia cards that will feature strands of hair from the manes of some of the world’s most-famed racing horses! Look for hair from the likes of Afleet Alex, Funny Cide and the legendary Smarty Jones!

20th Anniversary Memorabilia Cards: (ONE PER CASE)

Here is the link to the cheap eBay boxes. <LINK> (they are retail)


4 responses »

  1. brandon says:

    I loved Goodwin and Champions, beautiful cards, and the bug cards were neat. Great product all around, wish it still was around. I kinda think of it as Allen and Ginter 2.0.

  2. JD's Daddy says:

    Yeah, it was a product that would have really taken off had Upper Deck…NOT taken off.

  3. A says:

    Was wondering if anyone knew the value of the magenta printing plate for a michael Jordan Mini

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