If you haven’t heard, Fielder signed a 15.1 million one year deal with the Brewers.  At 26 he is going into a walk year and his agent is Scott Boras.  There is zero chance of him getting resigned by the Brewers. He should be at around 230 home runs, putting him at almost a lock for 500 homers.

He is not going to get ARod numbers next year, but if he hits 35+ homers and hits over 0.270, he should be getting in the neighborhood of $18-20 million a year.  To me it’s sad that he is not going to finish his career with the Brewers.  To think about it though they don’t deserve him.

From the beginning of his major league career until now the Brewers have done nearly everything in their power  to make him feel unwelcome on the team.  Due to his age and years of service since his first contract they have nickeled and dimed him it seems like every season.  They took care of Ryan Braun and Gallardo with decent deals, I just can’t figure out why they don’t take care of possibly the best young power hitter since Alex Rodriguez.

Here is a look at similar players at the same age as Fielder (from Baseball-Reference.com):

  1. Darryl Strawberry (918)
  2. Eddie Murray (915) *
  3. Juan Gonzalez (912)
  4. Jose Canseco (907)
  5. Mark Teixeira (904)
  6. Kent Hrbek (894)
  7. Will Clark (890)
  8. Adam Dunn (889)
  9. Jim Rice (885) *
  10. Greg Luzinski (883)

* – Signifies Hall of Famer

He’s in some good company, all of those players are solid (even if some were juicers).  I think when all is said and done he has all the tools to earn an MVP and many All Star appearances.  His cards specifically his autographs are a solid value right now.  Many hovering around the $25-50 range.  For his potential, this is not a bad deal.  What you you think?



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  1. Larry says:

    The Brewers have decided Braun is the face of the franchise, meaning the guy they’ll pay to keep for the next 10-15 seasons. The Brewers will let Fielder walk to chase his millions elsewhere, while content not to make him a serious offer.

    Fielder’s just fat and the sabremetricians have all made their case that the best a guy with Fielder’s body type can do into his 30s is either become Mo Vaughn or become like Cecil.

  2. jl says:

    One name, that he will become Jim Thome, Prince is just a HR hitter and that is not what a team wants, in the end, he will be like his father, but for now he is just a tub of butter at first, at the plate he is power.

  3. Peterson says:

    I was at the game when he hit his first home run in Miller Park. I am really pretty unhappy with the fact that he has not been nearly as spoiled as Braun and others. I have a huge collection of autos, patches and RCs. Prince was my very first PC since I pulled his auto out of my second box break ever in 06. (It really connected me back to milwaukee and I have been collecting brewer cards from Virginia ever since. I know he’ll get paid, but I am really disappointed that they are heading in the direction they are for 2012…just seems desperate to let him go like this. and if he becomes a cub, I literally will have to parse out his cards to people other than myself(as is my tradition with all cubs cards).

  4. todduncommon says:

    I do think that Fielder doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Ok, sure, he’s fat. However, he’s not like his dad at 1991 fat. Prince has got a lot more strength and power under that bulk. He may have a football lineman’s body, but he also has a lineman’s strength.

    My guess is that he starts to play out the year with Milwaukee, and by the end of July he gets traded rather than let him walk. I have a feeling that an AL team will be eying him as a DH.

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