I love this logo. From 1981, the year of Donruss’s inception until roughly 1991, I always looked forward to every Donruss release.  During the past two decades, I had lost interest in the brand, however when I saw the basketball and hockey releases for this season I got very excited.  So when I finally got a chance to pick up a pack at Walmart, I had to see them in living color.

So I decided instead of a single wax pack, I want to go jumbo and went with the 40 card pack.  I was shocked when the price came to five bucks.  That’s the price of most hobby packs nowadays.  So I opened the pack and here is a look at the best cards of the pack:

3/5 of the 2009-10 Kentucky starting line-up.  I got four of the Production Line cards and the best was the Curry card.  The Gasol Emerald die cut card was nice as well.  The cards look great, a nice modernization of the 1984 design.  I even love the back of the card as they went with the 1984 back design even:

For comparison of what the original 1984 design looked like see this Mattingly rookie card from the set:

Of course the best surprise of the pack game in this SICK WALMARTJO!!!

Ok so it’s not the sick mojo I was bragging about, but it’s still a nice card of a Hall of Famer.  I’ll definitely keep this one for my personal collection.  Overall I have to give this pack a 5/5.  Really do like this set and I’m fairly sure I’ll be buying more product.

What do you think about it?

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  1. Offy says:

    Love the set, think that the hobby boxes are overpriced at the moment for what you get. When they drop to $40 or so then they’ll be worth it.

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