Here are some updated photos released by ITG surrounding their upcoming foray into baseball cards:

There are a couple of cards that I am very impressed with.  I love the logo and emblems w/ autograph card.  The Heroes gold patch cards are outstanding as well.  A few notes about the product, it’s entitle Heroes and Prospects Hits, where you get a pack of five cards and all five are hits.

From the ITG blog:

Each box of 2011 In The Game Heroes and Prospects Baseball Hits will now contain FIVE cards – all Hits! Authentic Autographs or Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia.

“We feel that the hobby is always moving in different directions, by making this product, it allows us to focus on what many collectors want the most – the ‘hits’,” said Price. “The limited nature of the product is sure to create a buzz among collectors and we look forward to a bright future in this part of the trading card market.”

On average, there will be 4.5 Prospect Autographs per box and every other box will contain one Heroes Cut Signature or Heroes Game-Used Memorabilia card featuring some of the greatest players to step out onto the diamond.

The premier edition of In The Game Heroes and Prospects Baseball Hits will be extremely limited. Confirmed prospects for this landmark release include Mike Trout and Tim Beckham, who are two of the hottest players in the hobby today.

As for the Heroes component of this product, look for Heroes Cut Signatures or limited Heroes Game-Used Memorabilia cards. The company has put together a great group of living and deceased legends for this release and the Cuts will include such names as Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and Hank Aaron.

In The Game has a solid reputation as a trading card manufacturer that listens to collectors and Price is looking forward to the direction his company is taking by stepping into the baseball card market.

“Who knows what direction that the success of 2011 Heroes and Prospects Baseball Hits will take us,” said Price. “If our new products appeal to enough collectors, I would love to see an expansion into the basketball and football prospect market as well. Only time will tell if we can accomplish this, but with the support of collectors we can certainly work hard to deliver what they want to see.”

For more information concerning the release and the product checklist click on the ITG logo below.


6 responses »

  1. jl says:

    Hey, you found Sp authentic and Sweet Spot, wait that’s UD, complete rip off of UD, again no logo’s on players makes tough sell.

    • chemgod says:

      Actually Sweet Spot was a rip off of an earlier Fleer product. Everyone rips off everyone else. I think the cards are going to do well, but that’s just my opinion.

  2. JBob says:

    I like the cards but those patches mean that fakers are going to have a field day. I really hope they encapsulate them or take some security measures. Sick patches like those will certainly result in people with loose morals taking advantage.

  3. jl says:

    I know about sweet spot, but at least they changed the design, these guys just copied the whole design with everything, I feel I’m looking at a UD product from a couple of years ago, and the check cut on a player that has not even made the majors yet, come on, this product stinks, my opinion, they are just imitating upper deck.

  4. Clay says:

    I agree with jl, the check cuts are lame. I like the name “Between the Seams” even though I’m sure they will use some cheap material and the autos will fade like crazy.

  5. Wade says:

    Can you please share the address you used to get Taillon TTM?

    Thank you in advance.

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