I’m trying to figure out if I like this set or not.  I know I’m not liking the $74 price tag through Dave and Adam’s Cardworld.  I do kind of like the idea behind the set though and it is a monster set, the base set is 400 cards.  Seeing Bo Jackson in an Auburn uniform, Joe Montana in a Notre Dame outfit, and bevy of other athletes in every sport you can think of.

Of course this is a non-pro license set and as such there are going to be athletes in street clothes, college uniforms and high school uniforms.  I think it’s kind of fun to see younger versions of retired athletes but this set is certainly not setting itself up for a second release.  They are pretty much throwing all the eggs in the basket on this release and see how it turns out.

You might wonder what the purpose of this set is, and if I had to take a guess it’s to get autographs of their exclusive signings out.  They have a lot of exclusives and not a lot of releases to shove them in.  One might say they should have thought this out a bit better instead of signing athletes blindly to huge contracts to keep them away from Topps and Donini.

Anyhow enough of my opinions, make your own, here is the box:

Here are some of the preview cards:


Here is the product breakdown:

Regular Set:
Regular Cards (400)

Top Inserts:
Athletes of the World Signatures
Sports Nation Dual, Triple and Quad Signatures
All Sport Apparel
Clear Competitors

Break Summary: (on average)
Get Two (2) Autographs in every box!
Including one (1) multi-signed card per case!
One (1) Memorabilia card per box!
Look for the autographed parallel
One (1) Clear Competitors PETG insert per box!

Autographs from sports’ biggest stars!
Michael Jordan
LeBron James
Amanda Beard
Pete Rose
Sidney Crosby
Wayne Gretzky
Nancy Kerrigan
Randy Couture
Sasha Cohen
And many more!

Memorabilia worn by the biggest names in sports!
Tiger Woods
Landon Donovan
Magic Johnson
Michael Jordan
Matt Danowski
Taylor Hall
Heather Mitts
Hope Solo
LeBron James
And many more!

6 cards per pack
20 packs per box

I’m curious what everyone thinks?  I think for a one release wonder it might be pretty fun to collect, but overall for sustainability of a product line, I just don’t think is is more than a one year run.  I guess we will see huh?


5 responses »

  1. Ryan says:

    I think from the list of people in the set I’ll do as I do with other similar sets and collect only the autos and memorabilia I want. And if the price is right I might pick up a base set. But I don’t see buying a box myself.

  2. Nick Cee says:

    I do not like the design at all, there is nothing that draws me to even consider buying this set. I feel like Upper Deck has struck out again

  3. JBob says:

    OMG those are some of the worst cards I have ever seen! Even the autos look like pure garbage.

  4. Never been a fan of multi-sport sets, and doubt I’ll be a fan of this. I’ll chase the little bit of stuff featuring players I collect and that will be it.

  5. Lukas M. says:

    All I want from this is the lacrosse cards. Besides that, nothing special, overpriced cards

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