I had a couple of thoughts before the Super Bowl and I wanted to get them down for a post for tomorrow morning.  So here we go:

Pettitte to the Hall?

I took a look at his stats and the first thing I thought of when I saw it was 16 seasons, never had a losing season, only had one season with under 11 wins.  That is impressive, when you know the one season he didn’t have over 11 wins, he only had 15 starts and went 6-4, meaning if healthy he would have had a 12-8 season.

His numbers are impressive, also impressive are his five World Series rings and his 19-10 post season record.  Now the retractors, no Cy Young Award, no career category in the top 25, and only one in the top 50.  Was never considered a feared pitcher, nor a go to pitcher. Finally the biggest issue, the admission to using PEDs.

In short I think he is a borderline Hall of Fame guy, along the lines of a Jim Rice or Bert Blyleven (although Blyleven had the career strikeouts to rely on).  I think first ballot won’t even be close (he will be up against Junior and Smoltz) and that is lofty heights to be equal to.  I’m a Yankee fan and a Pettitte fan, but like Don Mattingly I don’t see Pettitte getting in. If he gets in, it will be right at the 15 year deadline.

Verdict: Close but no cigar.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

Of those who got in, I agree with Sanders, Faulk, Dent, and Sharpe as all were game changers and all were feared in their own way. I disagree with Richter, Hanburger and Sabol.  Instead Willie Roaf, Cris Carter and Curtis Martin are going to have to sit another year.

Roaf was perhaps one of the best offensive tackles in football history.  Any player that has the nickname “Nasty” needs to be in the Hall.  I have no doubt that he will enter in 2012.  Carter has the receptions, was considered a go to deep threat for years, 8 time Pro Bowler, and was named to the All 1990s NFL Decade team.  He also should get in at some point. Finally Curtis Martin has been overlooked his entire career, so it’s no surprise he was overlooked for the Hall.

Martin’s credentials are simple, 4th all time in rushing, over 100 career rushing touchdowns, 5 time Pro Bowler, and led the league in rushing one season.  Also don’t forget 7th all time in total yards, and oldest player to ever win a rushing title.  Faulk is amazing and Bettis was solid, but Martin should have been in the Hall of Fame.  Maybe next year he won’t get overlooked.

Verdict: Sabol and Hanburger out, Roaf and Martin in.

Popularity of Card Collecting:

As I walk down the card aisle in Target and Walmart, I am still stunned as to why the fantasy card world (Magic et. al.) are consistently kicking the crap out of sports cards?  Even worse how does the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB not see this as well.  It’s time for the major sports to step up and take a pay cut.  Otherwise the card industry that we love will continue to spiral out of control price wise.  By the way, another record low for card sales last year.

Verdict: Instead of all the executives burrying their heads in the sand and continuing with business as usual, it’s time for them to admit the plan to bring in children is not working.  Maybe it’s time to package cards with candy again, it worked once right?

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  6. Bill says:

    Although I agree with you mostly because of not knowing much about the old timers, I believe they only vote up to 5 modern era/contributors in plus the two pre-1983 candidates, that’s a max anyway. That’s what I got from the FAQ.

    I’d argue for Sabol though. I read something the other day about the difference between baseball and football regarding video. Baseball actually has very little footage of some important moments while Sabol did so much with NFL films and really helped to build the league to what it is today.

  7. todduncommon says:

    Add the fact that Pettitte managed to achieve his borderline numbers at least in part to suspected PED use, and that throws his consideration out completely, if it were up to me. He may be a heck of a guy and all that, but he still probably cheated, at least for a while, and that’s just too bad.

    I agree with the card aisles in the big retailers. Heck, it even looks like rubber band bracelets shaped like stuff and funny looking pencil erasers are kicking the crap out of sports cards. I am happy to see, however, that regular packs of base Topps are $1.99 at Target now. Paying three bucks for a pack of regular Topps was just hard to be happy about. Hopefully this will make sports cards a little more competitive, at least on price point.

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