As everyone knows the value of cards fluctuate wildly based on how a team or player does during big games.  The biggest price fluctuations are usually seen in the biggest games and this Super Bowl was no exception.  Below is a list of impact players and their new worth in the hobby world:


Aaron Rogers:

His value has been steadily increasing over the past two years.  He has come out of the Brett Favre shadow and has become an elite quarterback in his own right.  I have seen his signatures jump from the $20 level all the way up to the $150+ level.  He is just below Manning and Brady in value but is now on par with Ryan  and Brees as far as card values go.

Jordy Nelson:

In the wake of all the injuries to Packer’s receivers, Nelson had to step up and become elite for this game and he did just that racking up 140 yards on 9 receptions and a touchdown.  Nelson’s card values have been in the $5 range for autographs most of the season, as he was 3rd on the depth chart.  After this game I’ve seen some of his higher end cards sell for nearly $50.  He has proven that he can break off a big game when needed, he has some nice upside to him.

Greg Jennings

Like Nelson, Jennings was leaned on to have a big game as well.  As the number two guy on the depth chart he had coverage on him all night.  He was however able to separate for two monster touchdowns that changed the game.  Like Nelson his cards were running sub $5 before the game, now look to pay $10 for the low end stuff and $30-40 for the higher end items.

Defensive Breakouts:

Frank Zombo, BJ Raji, Clay Mathews, AJ Hawk, and Charlie Peprah all saw big gains in the hobby / search world.  Zombo doesn’t even have any cards, the custom card makers have been working overtime on making them and getting them on eBay.


Ben Rothlisberger

Not much movement in Big Ben’s cards although they have gone back to their pre-sex scandal days in terms of value.  His performance didn’t hurt his value at all.

Mike Wallace

Wallace’s cards have been collecting steam all year and now he has proven that he is the next in line as a primary threat for Big Ben.  With Hines Ward’s age as a major factor the Steelers need a boost in receivers.

Emmanuel Sanders

Sanders made the biggest jump.  Pre-Super Bowl his cards were hovering in the $5-10 range but now with his emergence as  a solid receiver on a good team means his cards will jump to the $25 level very soon.

Defensive Players:

Ike Taylor and Ziggy Hood made the most movement of the defensive players.  You will always have to pay a premium for Steeler’s players no matter what and the emergence of these two guys means their cards are ready for take off.  I saw some Hood cards going for in excess of $15 during last night’s game.

All in all it was a great game, one of the best in recent years.  I think a lot of Steeler’s fans thought it was a done deal, but the Packer’s surprised them as they had to do all throughout the season.  Now we all have to sit back and see what happens with the new collective bargaining agreement.

The draft is next up and card collectors will get to welcome a whole new set of potential stars.  Until then, as Chris from Stale Gum always says, always be collecting.


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  2. Chris says:

    This post reminds me that my local shop in San Antonio sold the /25 version of that Hood card for over $80 on ebay, in an auction. This was right after the product released. I was stunned at the time, must have been a serious Steelers collector.


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