Kevin Love 2008 NBA Autograph Card

I am not a big basketball fan, but I know the names and stats of most of the superstars.  When it comes to NBA autographs there are several players who dominate the eBay ranks:

  • LeBron
  • Kobe
  • Howard
  • Durant
  • Melo
  • Griffin

I threw in Griffin at the end because he is technically a rookie and is having an amazing season.  His stats so far as 22.6 PPG and 12.7 RPG.  Like I said he averages a double double, I consider that a monster year.  One name that is not on that list but deserves to be is the Minnesota Timberwolve’s Kevin Love.

At just 22 years old, Love has established himself as a superstar in this league.  This is just his third season and he is putting up Shaq like numbers.  His post game has gotten very good as well as his shooting.  He actually rebounds better than Shaq ever did and is more along the lines of a Dennis Rodman.  His average this year is 21.4 PPG and 15.6 RPG.  Those are incredible numbers.  It’s hard to imagine where this team would be if Beasley and Ridnour actually stepped up.

The reason for this post though is if you search eBay, Blake Griffin autographs are going through the roof. You are looking at a minimum of $150+ for anything he signed.  Now do a search on Kevin Love, keeping in mind that Love’s stats are equal if not slightly better than Griffin’s.  The most expensive items are in the $100 + range, however most of his autographs can be had for between $50-$70. So this bears the question . . .

Where’s the love for Love?

You make the call!

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  1. Mike says:

    I live in Minnesota, and have seen a ton of his games this year and last. The guy is a beast and should be higher on the list. However, he plays for the Wolves, who don’t get much TV time outside of Minnesota. He’s not flash like KG was, which gets you more TV time as well.

  2. todduncommon says:

    I concur with both of these guys. Although both came from very visible college programs (with Love actually getting to a Final Four with an underdog UCLA), it’s largely a media density (both kinds) and story-manufacturing angle.

    Even though Griffin is on the Clippers, it’s easy to focus on the guy and craft stories about a Kobe – Blake ‘rivalry’, or that Griffin is the local “heir apparent’, and other similar nonsense news items. A bored and cranky Baron Davis can only make so much interesting news for the Clippers, and Griffin is easy to talk about, so lots of media types don’t have to go far to write it up.

    Even though the local / regional media covers Love significantly enough, national level media likes to keep their story quotients to a manageable size, and Griffin is just easier for them to highlight and discuss. Sucks for Love, and you’d hope that internet-based media will eventually help flatten out the overall coverage over time.

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