With the upcoming draft having quite the shortage of offensively gifted players, we going to have defensive superstars as the valuable cards in this rookie class.  There has been precedence before, the draft of 2000 was a defensive heavy draft as well.

Guys like Courtney Brown and Lavar Arrington were the draft headliners and the card prices were nice and high, for the first few months, then quickly went down hill.  If I have to take a guess I am assuming that we are going to be witnessing the same thing this year.  A nice spike for the top five defensive players taken, then a quick drop off.

It’s even worse for offensive lineman.  The autographs of the best offensive tackles in the league could be had for under $10.  I’m talking about sure fire Hall of Famers.  Guys like Joe Thomas, D’Brickeshaw Fergueson, Jake Long, you get the idea.  We will probably see the usual crap, like guys who aren’t even on a roster fetching more money in autographed cards than defensive All Pros.  Would you rather have a Nate Davis Exquisite rookie autograph or any autograph of Lawrence Taylor?  They cost about the same for some of LT’s autographed cards.

Personally I’m sick and tired of paying premium dollars for marginal premium position players.  Nope instead I’m collecting multiple Pro-Bowl non-premium position players.  Sure my collection isn’t going to be strong from a dollar and cents point of view, but I know the players I will have are some of the best in the game.

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  1. Cameron Clow says:

    That’s why I love my Ravens! Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed. I can get game used, autos, anything of the whole defense for the price of a Matt Stafford Auto, no offense Stafford, but I’ll take the Ravens D that has two HOFer’s on it!

  2. kieser says:

    in three years you’d be wiping your ass with a Stafford auto card, anyways, although he is not as sturdy as Charmin doubly ply.

    CK (ex Lions fan since 1995)

  3. Q says:

    I’m a defensive guy myself (Bears fan). I’m a bit surprised by some of the autos these days though. Back in August I bought some Topps packs and pulled a James Starks auto. I remember at the time saying a running back from Buffalo this is worthless. I tossed it in with a bunch of other stuff. Needless to say during the playoffs I spent several hours trying to find the stupid thing. Football is so hit or miss a card like that is probably worth about as much as several certified Urlachers out there.

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