Now for battle number two.  One pile is from me and the other is from Raymond over at Shot not Taken.  Vote on the poll on the sidebar.  Winner gets the loser’s pile of crap.  If you want in for next week email me at <email>.

Pile A:

Pile B:

Good luck to both participants and vote in the poll on the right.


19 responses »

  1. DanMan says:

    Pile A is far more crappier. B has at least USA baseball memorabilia and some nice looking autos.

  2. Samuel Pair says:

    I’d say stack B, mainly because of the stylized $ as an S in Stockar McDougle’s signature… what a crappy way to sign a card!

  3. ig4mer says:

    This is going to be a good one! Puts google to good use!

  4. Bill says:

    This looks like it might be a close one…

  5. polishgooner says:

    Pile B at least A has a Jarrett Jack which in my opinion saves Pile A from being worse.

  6. tomseaver says:

    Pile B has that card of Doyne that looks like an accountant at a fantasy camp. I love that one! Pepe Sanchez has a great sig and I actually like the Dawkins, Kinkade USA card. Explain to me again, who are those people in pile A? If you have to have a jersey card of a basketball player, at least make it a game worn jersey and not a player worn “shooting shirt”. If you held a gun to my head, I couldn’t tell you who those other guys are.

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  8. lambeauleap87 says:

    The cards in Pile B are absolutely hideous. There are some decently designed cards in Pile A, and I’ve actually heard of Jarrett Jack and JR Giddens. Pile B is far worse.

  9. Joe L says:

    Pile B because of the ridiculous price stickers. Also because of the $ “S”.

  10. Brendan says:

    Pile B’s better.

  11. JBob says:

    very tough call but I’ll go for A as worse. There is some definite style in B. The $ sign and the Pepe auto stand out. Plus I feel like shooting shirt is total BS.

  12. HOODLUM says:

    Pile B…..

  13. Mike D says:

    Pile A is slightly worse, even though I voted for Pile B earlier this week! Originally I went with B because the $ and the PePe, but then I noticed the “shooting shirt” tag and realized even Celtic fans wouldn’t want that card.
    The Orioles card does look like an accountant, and the PePe and $ are just swag sigs. I officially say Pile A is worse.

  14. todduncommon says:

    I think Jack is the only player in both piles that’s had any noticeable playing time at the highest level. All these other guys are worse than busts–they’re never was-es.

    I have to vote for stinky pile B. It wins on names alone–Gookie and Pe Pe Sanchez? Classic.

  15. Clay says:

    Pe Pe Sanchez…..doesn’t he make cheap tequila?

  16. Teddy Dziuba says:

    Stack B is crap. I pride myself on knowing a thing or two about MLB prospects and I have never in my life ever heard of Cory Doyne. Also, the Celtics GU from stack A saves it in my book

  17. I’ll got B.

    Oddly enough, however, I would be willing to trade for the Gookie Dawkins relic. I have a ground rule double he hit in Durham a few years ago. Even though it’s crap, it’s still all relative

    (Seriously, hit me up about that Dawkins if you’re interested)

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