The Box

The Opened Box:

The Hits:

The Best of the Hits:
The best hit is the game used Nolan Ryan jersey. The lack of license does hurt the product a little.  Kind of gives it a Post Cereal look to it.  On the flip side, I love the hard cuts card of Thomas Neal.  To be honest, that’s card set I would consider collecting.  Neal is a diamond in the rough 35th round pick for the Giants from 2005 and has progressed a level at a time.  He should start in AAA this season with a shot at the bigs mid season. Kyle Drabek has done everything he can in the minors and should become one of the top three pitchers in Toronto this year.  He is rated a top 10 prospect.
The other hits were JR Murphy a former 2nd round pick of the Yankees in 2009, he is still too young to guess how his career will go. Finally the last hit was Rymer Liriano.  He is still very young (18) but has five tool ability and could turn into a great international signing out of the DR.
Overall I am giving this a 4.5 out of 5.  The only thing holding it back from a 5 is the lack of license on the Nolan Ryan card.  Other than that I am pretty impressed with the product and will definitely be buying some more.

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  1. batspeed29 says:

    Wiow! Only Four (4) “Pulls” Out Of This Entire Box!?!? Good Lord, What A Rip-Off On This Pricy Product! At Least 2011 Topps Has Some Serial Numbered, Autographed, And Chrome Refractors Sprinkled In Their Product – And They Are “Low End” – Sheesh! –

  2. batspeed29 says:

    P.S. Nolan Ryan Inserts And Autographs Are Plentiful! He Even Signs In The Stands At Arlington Before/ After Games. He Is EXTREMELY Fan Friendly And Wonderful In-Person Signer Per ALL Accounts @batspeed29 Has Heard… But Has Ocassional Bad Day {Gee, Don’t We All! } #fact #mlb

  3. Any interest in trading the Drabek card?

  4. Mike D says:

    The Hits boxes seem odd. Nothing fancy, just a box with five top loaders in it. Skip the fluff – just get to the goods! A nice concept! It was funny, your comment about the Post cereal, I was thinking more Moo Town Snackers, but to each their own. But it does make me wonder where they got the uniforms from the retired players if they don’t have a pro license. I’m not current on the purchasing standards with this (or any) company.

    • Shawn says:


      ITG didn’t just recently go out and aquire all of their game used content. Dr. Brian Price is one of the premier collectors out there that happens to have the ability to produce trading cards.

      You might not be familiar with ITG, but I am sure you recognize Sports Kings and Famous Fabrics. Like Chemgod said, the great thing about this is that the pieces are actually game used, not photoshoot used. I like the fact that the Memorabilia cards are seaded greater than one per box, this might help save the value of some of these pieces.

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