Product image for 2010/11 Panini Crown Royale Hockey Hobby Box (Presell)

Looking at upcoming releases, I spied the Hockey Crown Royale release due on 3/2/11.  Boxes on Dave and Adam’s Cardworld are running $87.95, and that is among the cheaper prices for this product on the web.  The product breakdown is 12 boxes per case ($960), four packs per box, and five cards per pack.  Each box will average one game used and one autograph.

Here is a breakdown of the product:

Every Case contains at least:

– 8 Rookie Royalty Signatures #’d to 499
– 1 Rinkside Signatures #’d to 50
– 1 Voices of the Game Signatures #’d to 100 or less
– 7 Heirs to the Throne Materials #’d to 250 or less
– 1 Heirs to the Throne Signature Materials #’d to 50 or less
– 3 Premiere Date Signatures #’d to 100 or less


– Rookie Silhouettes feature die-cut images of top prospects above over-sized memorabilia swatches, topped off with a hard-signed autograph!

– Look for Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin, Jordan Eberle and seven other elite talents in this ground-breaking RC subset! Also look for Rookie Royalty Signatures, a 25-card subset featuring hard-signed autographs from the incredibly deep pool of freshman talent!

– Three Kings Memorabilia cards features the top players in the NHL paired up with a sweet swatch of game-used material!

– Crown Royale is packed with autographs, from the never-before-seen Rinkside Signatures (Taylor Hall, Joe Sakic, Alex Ovechkin, Mario Lemieux and 46 more!) to Voices From the Booth, a hard-signed set that features local legends as beloved as the game they call (Rick Jeanneret, Joe Bowen, Darryl Reaugh, Bob Miller and more!).

Among some of the more interesting hits are the Three Kings Memorabilia cards:

 A very good looking design and although most won’t have these great patches, the design makes it a must get card in my opinion.

Next up is the very limited voices in the booth (#’d to 100):

Voices3There are some great autographs in this subset, unfortunately my favorite Chuck Kaiton is not in it.  That aside, the Panger is there, Mike Milburry, and obviously Don Cherry.  Nice design although I would be a bit upset if that was my one autograph in the box.

Next up is the Rinkside Autographs:

 I’ve never been too jazzed about these types of cards, but they didn’t do too bad a job at the design.

Next is the legends and regular patch cards:

Both look terrific and clearly Panini has gone out of it’s way to produce some solidly designed cards, nice patch selections as well.

Finally the base cards and rookie autographs:

I have to say I love the Crown Royale base design.  Finally a company willing to put some effort into designing base cards.  This is just an awesome representation of what card companies can do with graphic designers.  I don’t even hold it against them that they used the same design for all three Crown Royale releases.

Panini has really thrown down the gauntlet in this release.  Topps 5 star is a nice design but not at $500 a box.  If Topps could make a mid level product like this they might not be losing money hand over fist.  Take note Topps, this is how a product should be designed.

2 responses »

  1. Nickcee says:

    Set looks similar to the 90’s pacific set. I like it, sans the voices of the game, looks like it has real potential

  2. JBob says:

    This is a real good looking set. This is the kind of innovation that panini should show in their others sports.

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