It’s taken me three years, but I find myself coming up empty for ideas sometimes.  So I’ve decided to open up the blog to new writers.  I’m looking for two or three guest writers that are willing to do a post a week on the site.  I don’t care what you write about, but try and stick with the Bad Wax theme.  If you’ve always wanted a blog but didn’t want to keep up with the day to day stuff behind it this might be for you.

All I ask is that you understand the wordpress engine somewhat, it’s a lot like some of the other blogging sites out there.  They way it will work is that you write it, save to draft and I will finalize it and post it.  Like I said, if you are curious about blogging and like to write, give it a shot. Email me at <email link>

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  1. Weber 10 says:

    i think you should do a “weekly summary” every sunday recapping the weeks events and interesting facts

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