After three years and nearly 1800 posts, I felt a need to get some fresh voices here on Bad Wax.  I decided to open up the blog to several writers.  Each of which have been encouraged to write about what they like.  I feel like I am writing two or three good posts a week and I want the content to stay fresher than that.  I will continue to write as always but I am scaling back to 3-4 times a week.  I have always felt that this blog is written for my readers, so why not let my readers write for the blog.  Here are some of the new writers:


I write on the website as Nick Cee. I reside on Long Island. Currently, I am a special education teacher in Brooklyn, N.Y. I collect mostly baseball. I have been a Yankee fan since before Donnie Baseball. A Devil fan since the days of Chico Resch, and Hector Marini. A Niner fan since Ricky spiderman    Williams, and a Spurs fan since the days of the Iceman. I attend a few autograph signings a week.

Note: As most of my family is from Brooklyn, getting Nick on board was a no-brainer. He got two thumbs up from me for being a Yankee and Devil fan.


My name is Joe, and I live just outside Detroit (Joe from the D, get it?)

I’m a huge Tigers and Red Wings fan, and as much as I hate to admit it I love my Lions as well.  As far as my collecting habits, as much as I love baseball probably 75% of my collection is football.  I put a Topps Chrome football set together every year without fail, and I always love finding a great ebay steal no matter what sport.  And if its got an autograph or a nasty looking patch on it, I’m even more interested. Aside from Bad Wax, I keep up quite a bit on SCU, IAJC, Night Owl, A Cardboard Problem and Crawford Cards.  I love to trade with other collectors, and am looking forward to swapping some cards, stories and opinions on this hobby.

Note: Anyone who readily admits to being a Lions fan you know is going to have some fun stories.  I’m a Seahawks fan and to be a fan of a historically bad team, you have to have thick skin and a quick wit.


“Smed” a/k/a Scott Fendley, lives up in Twins Territory where the snow
knows no end. He’s been converted into a Twins fan and is in a 12-step
group for former Cubs fans. (On step 3 right now, I’m afraid my
inventory is going to have stuff like ‘Liked Mitch Webster way too

I am a set collector and a voracious trader of any relics, autos and
parallels that he gets in order to feed his base obsession. In 2011,
I’m going to collect Topps Base, Heritage, Gypsy Queen, Opening Day
and A&G as well as Bowman.

I hope to highlight some of my favorite ‘bad wax’ here from the junk
era, as a tribute to those Craigslist idiots and eBay buffoons. But is
any baseball card a bad card? (Mike Laga’s pink jersey notwithstanding…)

Note: Look at his blurb! Is he not a great fit for this blog?


He’s a custom card maker and through the mail guy.  He’s going to be filling you guys in on his who, what, where, how long, and final result of his quest to get as many cards signed through the mail as possible.

Note: With a name like Kettle, the guy has to have some good stories.


When you get an email like this:

I have been interested in cards for as long as I can remember and have been collecting for about the last five years.

While I am relatively new to the hobby, I think we could strike up a nice partnership. I’m not sure which direction you would like to take, but I was thinking about maybe a nostalgia or commentary type column. Such as, discussing the issues relating to the late ’00s sets with expanded checklists, times at the hobby shop when I was a kid, or the future of the hobby at the hands of generation Y.

My writing experience is primarily in sports, but I have done a variety of writing on all subjects. I was the writer/editor/publisher of a Penn State football blog (The PSU Fan Blog), which got me two jobs as a chief college sports contributor to (where I was the Penn State campus editor at the age of 16) and I am currently the Features Editor for The Crown, the newspaper of King’s College, where I have been a writer for the last two years.

I have to add him as a guest writer.  Clearly he can write and much better than me I am sure of it.  Sometime this week you will start to see their contributions, give them feedback when you can so that they get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.  I am capping the number of guest writers at seven so I have two more spots if anyone else wants in.

I think this is going to make Bad Wax stronger and become more of a most visit everyday type of blog.  Stay tuned as we push on to 1,000,000 visitors.


7 responses »

  1. dave h says:

    Look forward to some fresh faces….Hope you keep posting too Mike!

  2. jl says:

    OH no it’s starting to sound like Wax Heaven at the end, there is a lot to blog about with this hobby never should be a dry spell.

  3. Nathan says:

    Welcome to the new guys, I look forward to reading

  4. Brian B says:

    Well welcome to all, but a shout out to Nicky C, Im orig from CT, but just 15 minutes from NY border, wifes original NYer, had Yankee season ticks sine 88, just gave them up this year, even though been livin in FL, for 6 years, 44 yrs old, HUGE Yanks and GMEN fan, dude, all your fave teams??? How the heck did that happen, ur a wrwck man!!!!! LOL, welcome to all, this is the ONLY blog I follow, and to the Lord, great idea Bud, adding some new blood, shall all ur snipes on the Bay of E come in winners, unless ur trying to snipe me!!!!

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