I’m such a fan of the history of the game of baseball and I just thought how cool would it be to make a reprint cut with a famous box score in a booklet.  I haven’t designed the outside of the booklet, but I think it’s a home run!

My latest booklet (the inside at least):

The box score would also be a cutout.  The possibilities are limitless with respect to this and I could see a lot of different ones I want to do. So do you like or dislike or add some critiquing.


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  1. Nathan says:

    Those are really cool, I’d be really interested in knowing how you go about putting these together…I’ve wanted to make a few of my own but really am not sure how to go about it

  2. Mike D says:

    I really like this creation via the Cobb card! It’s sharp, not too busy, the cut actually looks like it belongs there instead of pasted in (maybe because its not on a blue check or correspondence with other text visible)…
    The back is a little busy with the story and the box together, but the purpose I think outweighs the busyness.
    Very good job on this one. You could morph this into an all-sport product very easily to placate the masses – golf, NASCAR, boxing, soccer – they all work. It could be a peek into history type creation – sort of like what A & G were trying to do with that This Day In History subset last year, just more relevant!

  3. Tyler Cobb says:

    I love this card. It is very simple and the colors just seem to work with the border being the gray of his uniform. Also, I think that the signature looks great, and is placed nicely within the design. As far as the back of the card, Awesome! I would love to purchase one if you ever have one available to purchase.

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