Well, that is a real bold statement. The three cards I am about to discuss are the most researched and are currently being bid on, on the E of Bay. Obviously these are up for discretion but, I will explain to you why these three are so important.

The first card is: Derrick Rose 08-09 SPX triple jersey auto RC

Derrick, is hands down the MVP this year. LeBron has the assistance and has been bested all season by D-Wade. The Durantula has been unstoppable, but he has had Russell Westbrook in tow all season. Rose has played virtually all season without Boozer, and Noah. As a whole, Rose has brought prestige and elite play back to Chicago Bulls who have not had such a high quality athlete since the old #23 wrecked people @the United Center.

The next card is the Bryce Harper Bowman Auto RC

Honestly, all I here from the hype machine is Bryce this and Bryce that. Listen, I am all for the hype, but they are making this guy out to be like Carlton Fisk, Bill Dickey, Yogi Berra, Pudge Rodgriguez, and Mike Piazza all rolled into one catcher who will break every record for catchers known to man, the question is where is the ceiling. This card is currently going north of 900 dollars at the time of this post. I mean it is not like the $16,000 Strasburg card from last season. Please talk to me when he putting up great numbers and winning Gold Gloves at catcher. One name always rings in my head when I hear hype Brien Taylor. If you do not know who he is, then please Wikipedia him and you will see what I mean, and why I am so skeptical.

Finally, this is not a sports card, but I bet you when Donruss released this subset that this next card would be so valuable.

I know, I know enough with this warlock. Ever since Chuck has started his torpedoes of truth, Sheen’s Korner, his stuff has sky rocketed. Did you know that just around the beginning of his little tirade this was a $20 dollar card on EBAY at the time of this post it is a $180 dollar card. This small Fans of the Game set featured a strange list of people in it including Larry King, Shannon Elizabeth, Tony Hawk, Meatloaf (got this card as my one signature in 2005 donruss, boy was I vexed) and the most valuable John Travolta auto. Duh Winning!

Thought I missed something, drop a line, add to this list.
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  1. Larry says:

    Bryce Harper is going to be an outfielder, not a catcher.

    People are going to go nuts over this guy if he makes the Major Leagues in two years and he’s putting up Josh Hamilton numbers.

  2. Mike D says:

    Bryce Harper, in my opinion, is likely to end up more like Matt Weiters than Joe Mauer. If he catches at all.
    The Charlie Sheen card – nice and all – but give it a month and it goes back to normal. I would offer that you could look no further than Blake Griffin and find hotter material. You could even make an argument that higher end Tim Tebow stuff is comparable to Derrick Rose swag right now.

  3. Ted says:

    Agreed, Harper will be a big influencer this year, but wont’ end up as a catcher. When mentioning great catchers, you missed the greatest…Bench.
    I’m with Mike D, Griffin is currently and I believe will continue to be more relevent in card industry than Rose even if Bulls win championship and/or Rose is MVP. Stats for last 30 days show the following; Blake 8100 listings, avg price $64, high $6700, Rose 5100 listings, avg selling price $44, high $2,500. Both have a 66% sell through rate.
    Love the Sheen pick, though interest in that nut should fade fast.

  4. Fat Matt says:

    Guys, Harper is not catching. He is playing outfield as his bat is more advanced than his glove and the Nationals want him to get to the bigs quicker. This news came out months ago, why are articles and comments being made about how great of a catcher he might be. Do you guys even follow baseball or do you just follow the hype?

  5. mike rinaldi says:

    But with the Blakes there all rookie autos, D-Rose has a lot of regular autos. Ex. bowman 48, upper deck basketball products like greats of the game and ultimate that dont sell as well

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