So yesterday I was walking through Target, and as usual I swung on over to the 3 linear feet that Target dedicates to sports cards.  I was surprised to actually find 2011 Topps Heritage packs so soon after their release.  Usually I have to wait a month or so before they start trickling into the local stores.  So I bought a rack pack to share with you.

Here were the highlights of the 16 card pack:


Overall I do like the design, I have not liked the recent throwbacks to the 60’s but this year marks the first one I really like.  From a photoshop standpoint, I really feel that at this point Topps should be able to mimic a card from the 1960’s better and although the photography is good, the filter use is not. Also for a card company that prides itself on the used of licensed attire, there are quite a few cards just in the pack that show the generic uniform look.  For example look at the Colvin card.  He played the entire season with the Cubs and there is no reason as to why he shouldn’t have a Cubs cap on.

I understand that the floating heads is a nod back to the original design, but it really is creepy.  I can’t ding them on this though because I have no idea how to make it a little less creepy.  It is fun though to see just how weird heads are though.  Finally I want to thank Topps for not getting action shots of all the players.  Sometimes less is more and I feel they got this one right. Grade: B

Set Content:

Everything about this set looks good. Although I didn’t get any hits, the chrome inserts look great.  The game used items are tactfully placed in the card and doesn’t detract from the overall look of the card.  Below is a composite look at all the insert cards (this is from cardboard connection):

I still think the coins and stamps on cards are kind of a waste, but I wouldn’t complain if I got one.  As you can see in the Clubhouse collection, the autographed cards look real nice. Grade: A


This is where I have a problem with Topps.  A value pack should not be 16 cards.  at $5 for the pack it runs about 31 cents a card and although that isn’t hideous, putting the set together at a minimum would run $156.  To me that seems way overpriced.  That’s just me though.  Grade: C


Value aside, this is a solid release.  In my opinion Topps needs to crush this year and although I didn’t like the flagship, I do like this set quite a bit.  We will see as to how the secondary market takes to these cards, I am hoping well.  Grade: B.


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  1. Bill says:

    One thing I love about recent Heritage is that they look great for TTM. This one doesn’t disappoint there.

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