Back in 94 I heard that Ted Williams was going to be at the AAA Iowa
Cubs game in Des Moines, about 2 hours from where I live. So my
friend, Top Jimi and I headed to the game. So what I remember the
weather was nice and the stadium was silly packed. So when the
pre-game festivities started, we left our crappy ,outfield seats and
made our way to behind home plate for a better view. So now I’m
standing about 3 rows up from the field, a few feet from home plate
and they announcing Williams. The crowd is cheering and I’m feeling
pretty cool that I get a chance to see this guy, so while the
announcer is talking about him I start to notice someone yelling from
behind me. This guy is screaming for security saying get these two
guys outta here, they are blocking my view. So it dawns on me, wow
this lunatic is talking about me and my friend, so I turn around to
maybe throw my pretzel at him and see that its the Powerball guy,
Mike Pace. So now I’m smiling back at him saying “Hey Powerball guy,
how bout that?” While the security is ushering us away , I was
yelling back at him, “Mike, big fan!”
So years later when ever people talk about the lottery, I tell them,
yeah that guy cursed at me.

5 responses »

  1. Weber 10 says:

    he calls himself “Top Jimi?”

  2. darkship17 says:

    I live just outside DM myself. Love going to Cubs games to see Major Leaguers

  3. Mike D says:

    Kind of serves you right if you weren’t supposed to be in those seats and were standing in people’s way.

  4. So the big question is — In the end, was it more exciting to see Mike Pace or Ted Williams? 😉

  5. Grant says:

    I hope I don’t have to sit near you during any I-Cubs games. Respect the people that pay for those seats, or pony up and pay for one yourself.

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