Hey everyone,

I was itching to bust some wax, and Atlanta Sports Cards was having a pretty good deal on some boxes I’ve wanted to open for years, one of which is 2006 Upper Deck Epic baseball. I’ve seen some really nice stuff come out of this product, but could never grow the balls to drop $150+ for 5 packs/3cards per/1 hit per. I nabbed this box for $99, so not too shabby considering where it used to sell for. There’s some monster hits available out of here (Ruth, DiMaggio, really short printed auto’s and dual or quad bat barrel name plates), and I figure, “what the hell, right?”

Let’s take a look, and you tell me: Epic win or Epic fail?

Pack #1

Todd Walker base /450, Don Mattingly jersey w/ stripe /175 and Derek Jeter Epic Events insert /675

– not a terrible start when your first hit is Donnie Baseball jersey

Pack #2

Jason LaRue base /450, Johnny Bench jersey /155 and Jose Guillen base /450

– 2 hits, 2 Hall of Famers. No major complaints so far…

Pack #3

Carl Pavano base /450, Eddie Murray jersey with blue stripe /145 & Nomar Epic Events Epic Events insert /675

– I’m confused. Card says Murray’s jersey was used in an official Orioles game. Ummm… blue pin stripe? Pretty sure this is a Mets jersey. But thats 3 for 3 on HOF’ers…

Pack #4

Trot Nixon base /450, Gil Hodges gold bat /25 and Barry Zito Epic Events insert /675

-Make it 4 for 4 on HOF hits. Although I’m not a big Hodges fan, still a sharp card.

Pack #5

Carlos Beltran base /450, Mike Schmidt jersey w/ stripe /155 and Johnny Damon Epic Events /675

– 5 for 5. Nice looking Michael Jack Schmidt.

Overall thoughts-

I think I’d really like this stuff if it were about $25-30 cheaper. I like this design, I like the simple pack break (1-2 base, 1 hit, 1 Epic Event insert). Going 5 for 5 on Hall of Fame relic hits can never be complained about, especially when 3 of the 4 jersey hits have pinstripes (even if one is the wrong color…)

I’d rather have seen a Ruth or DiMaggio or an auto in this box, but beggars cant be choosers, can we?

So what do you say? Epic win or Epic fail for me on 2006 Upper Deck Epic baseball?

(all cards available for trade)

– Joe from the D


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  1. Brian B says:

    Sorry Joe D….. U said it all, NO AUTO, nothing pissses me off more than buying a box, with a hit in every pack, and no auto. However pack 1, gets an A , would have got me super jacked up, a Donnie Baseball jersey, and the Jete card, my expectations would have been high, not thing, duhhhhh Im Mr Yankee, ahhhh Eddie Murray Muts jersey, sweet, thats gotta be a $5 card…… I woulda spent the $99, and felt failure, 1 decent auto might have made it be a break even, good article though man, enjoyed the read

  2. Nathan says:

    Seems like a pretty good box to me, although it’s a shame there aren’t more autos. All of your hits are quality players for sure (although Hodges isn’t quite a HOFer).

  3. Whiskey Pete says:

    Mattingly isn’t a hall-of-famer either… I would say epic fail on this box!

  4. wickedortega says:

    Would love to trade for the Gil Hodges gold bat , please let me know what you would want for it….. Thanks wicked-

  5. At $100 per box of 15 cards you’re spending $6.67 per card, and I’m not even sure that a single one you pulled would get that back on eBay or in trade. Seems to me like a big old fail box.

    Then again I wouldn’t have spent that much on 15 cards myself – my wife wouldn’t let me.

    And yeah, you only went 3 for 5 on the HOFers as already pointed out. Donny Baseball isn’t in the HOF, and probably never will be.

  6. Michael says:

    this is why I mostly stick to buying singles. $100 could have added a very nice card to your PC. Nice looking cards though, I have a couple Puckett’s from this set.

  7. JBob says:

    what we learned from this box break is that mattingly should be in the HOF

  8. Joe from the D says:

    Well, apparently I do not know who is in the HOF… (face palm)

    Thanks to everyone who pointed that out. I hope every one of your “hits” for the next month is a Royal or a Pirate… lol

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