Let me start by saying that I am loving building this 2011 set; I love the card design, the sparkly diamond parallels and the reprint and 60 Years of Topps inserts. But, I especially love the Diamond Giveaway promotion.

When I first got a giveaway card in a blaster box I purchased, I didn’t think much of it because I figured they would just be giving away free junk, but to my surprise, I got a 1960 card with a scene from the 1959 World Series game 6; not an original Mantle or a Diamond Jeter, but I think it’s cool nonetheless. After a few more redemptions, I amassed a pretty nice collection including singles for sets in my collection that have gone unfinished, as well as, a red diamond cut insert featuring Yovani Gallardo and a ’67 Bob Tillman. For me, some really nice cards for my relatively small collection.

Another thing I love about the Diamond Giveaway is the ability to ‘dig’ that goes along with the code redemption. Every time you dig you get a virtual ring and you can redeem prizes based on the amount of virtual rings you amass. So far, I’ve won a bonus code and dig and a $10 e-gift certficate.

Every time I go to buy some cards, I’ll always opt for the blaster or the hangar pack that has a guranteed giveaway card (since I don’t buy hobby boxes). Thanks to the Diamond Giveaway, I’m likely to take the little money I have as a college student and blow it on virtual rings – I know, what is this world coming to.

Of course, the downfall is that you have to pay to get your cards shipped, so they’re not really GIVING you the cards. For one or two of the cards I’ve been given, they’re worth less than the shipping cost. But, I’m having fun redeeming my codes. Virtual rings and free cards are defintely something I can dig.

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  1. ToddUncommon says:

    Right there with you, dude. At Target, I avoid the $10 box hangers, and love going for the 4-pack blister packs with the bonus code card for $8.

    With the blister pack, you get a free code, and a chance in each pack for another. It’s like buying four loose packs, and getting a free code card for nothing.

    The $10 boxes only have 1 code card, because inside, the cards are packaged in a single clear cello pack–they aren’t the regular packs. The boxes have an exclusive Target-only card, but they are super-duper boring. I’d rather have more chances at more codes.

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