Up until this year, I never considered the possibility of collecting Topps Heritage. I have a few cards from the past that were obtained purely for the purpose of player collecting, but I never actually wanted to collect the product itself.

Last night, I bought my first pack.

I loved the wax packs and the overall mesh of the retro designs with modern players, however I became a little confused. Granted, I haven’t done much reading on the product, but the numbering on the cards threw me off. A majority of the cards have a baseball in a top corner on the back of the card with TOPPS and the card number emblazoned on its surface, however, I got a few cards that didn’t have the TOPPS across the baseball and a smaller number. They appear to be base, but could they be inserts? But, if this is based on a retro design, the checklist would be very simple and not usually contain separately numbered inserts. Perhaps my knowledge is just too limited.

And I also got burned by purchasing a supposedly sp green tinted Brian Wilson (whom I collect) for $10 (!) on eBay only to find out yesterday which are actually sp’s and which cards aren’t.

However, the cards definitely transport you back to a simpler time. When baseball cards WERE baseball cards and the checklists were simple. I’m not lucky enough to own any cards that are pre-1970, but it’s great to see how the cards would have looked and the overall aesthetic quality of retro products. I’m enjoying my first venture so far and look forward to collecting the product in the coming years.


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  1. deal says:

    Dayf did a study on the card numbers – The #s mimic the originals.


    I think the green tint are SP parallels but I am not sure.

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