As many of you do, I am a fan of the Topps page on Facebook.  One of the releases that recently had it’s pictures put up is Topps newest foray into the high end wax Inception. Below is an example of a triple autograph of the top 3 quarterbacks in the upcoming draft. Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett will more than likely all go in the first round.

Now I want argue that the card is very nice, the question is why would Topps gamble on a high end rookie based product when there is a good possibility that the season will start late.  The real issue as I see it is all of these quarterback rookies need time to gel with their receivers.  I guess what I’m trying to say is are any of the quarterbacks going to excel this season?

The base card pictured above is just beautiful.  The real question for me is why the heck do they not put this kind of design element (Inception and 5 Star) into their less expensive product.  I’m assuming that all base cards are going to be numbered.

Again, I love the way these cards look.  The jersey cards have very healthy sized swatches and the layout is very well done.  Most of all I love the backgrounds on these cards.

This one is a rare miss for the set.  I really hate the logo cards, I feel as though it’s been over used over the past few years.  Collectors really love these cards and they made them one of ones.  They are going to go nuts on the secondary markets.

Although this is an old design for Topps, the addition of the nice background and the idea of placing the sticker under a cutout is a nice touch by the Topps design crew.  I love these jumbo patches, I’m so happy Topps is making the shift to these.

I really like the solo signatures, nice light fog  for the signature area and on card autographs are always a plus!

Finally the smaller patch card.  In a higher end product I am frankly a little surprised that Topps took this route only because speaking from a consumer point of view, high end product’s game used materials have to pop and this doesn’t pop in my mind.

Overall I like the design and how the cards come out.  Again this is a high end product so expect to pay north of $250 a box for these.  Probably between 4-6 cards per box.  I don’t know how this is going to sell with the lockout getting nasty as it has been.  My guess is that they aren’t going to sell as well as 5 star and I don’t think it’s wise to center a high end product around rookies that may not make an impact this season.  Will post more pictures as they become available, what’s your thoughts on this product?


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  1. Matt Jett says:

    I really like the overall design of the set, but the faux-HDR photoshopping on the players bothers me a little. I like the on-card autos, but I wonder why they did the white signing area on one card and not on the other. It’s a totally minor thing, but a high-dollar set should be all about the details.

    I hope this product is successful, but it’s a huge gamble with the NFL situation.

  2. the sewingmachineguy says:

    Mallett’s image next to a puff of smoke… nice.

  3. Mike D says:

    I am not a big chase collector, but I can understand the phenomena of the hustle. With that said, I really like the base cards in the product! My second-most liked card design in the product are the Inception autos, although I am with Chemgod that sticker autos are a sad sight, especially for a product that will likely command two to three Benjamins. And for a trade-off of six cards (estimated) per “box”, I would hope for at least some personalization with the product. Not some generated mass-produced knock-offs with airbrushed helmets and jerseys. I’d say three stars on a five scale, largely because of the base design and commonality throughout.

  4. todduncommon says:

    I was expecting a card, within a card, within a card, within a card. You know, like four layers deep.

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