As I stare at this picture of Mr. Wilson who rocks a significant lumberjack style beard. I think of my uncle Kevin who in this year of 2011 wears a handlebar mustache, and enjoys the taste of buttermilk and penny candy. I ask, by position the 9 best sets of facial hair ever in MLB. Here, up for debate I give you my list

P Rollie Fingers
(Classy, slick, impressive, I wish I could do it, clearly MLB is missing the likes of the all time best mustache)

C Sal Fasano
( All-time King of gnarly facial hair. Dropped the look when he donned the pinstripes, but loved it when he left because at catcher they do not get any better than that. They guy had his own club called Sal’s Pals dedicated to his facial hair.

1B Don Mattingly
From the Boss telling him to shave the sideburns. Donnie Baseball’s mustache became his signature besides his rancid back that derailed his promising career.

2B Jeff Kent
Glen Hubbard is a close second, but Kent’s mustache just said I am better than you.

SS Robin Yount
Still looks great, I would have loved that mustache for the awful Yankees of the 80’s.

3B Mike Schmidt
Tough call here but the wildness gives him the edge over Wade Boggs.

OF Johnny Damon
Red Sox, Idiots, Tattoo from Fantasy Island, Caveman, Classic, One of the Best.

OF Gary Sheffield
1930’s Era Jazz Player.

OF Reggie Jackson
Reggie’s 70’s mustache just oozes arrogance, A-rod before A-rod

Please add more classy mustaches, I had a ton of fun with this article.

As always you can follow me on twitter @nick_steele66. Thanks again for reading all hail the mustache


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