I have been on the Alex Gordon bandwagon for years now.  I know if he gets his head on right, he could be just as dangerous as Josh Hamilton.  He entered his minor league career as a five tool player.  In 2006 with AA Wichita he hit 29 home runs and 22 stolen bases and was named minor league player of the year.

Gordon as a major leaguer has been a major disappointment.  He was supposed to become a fixture at third base, a monumental piece of the franchise to build around.  His first two seasons were mediocre at best.  In 2009 he was demoted to work on becoming an outfielder and to rework his swing.  In the minors, he is a 300 hitter with plus power and plus speed.

In the majors, it has been another story. His hitting has been sub 250 without the power and not getting on base often enough means he is not getting the green light to steal.  So the point of this post is that after the first week of games, Gordon is one of the top batting leaders. Through 8 games, he has 14 hits and a 0.378 average.  He has one homer and four RBIs.  I don’t want him to break my heart yet again, so I’m hoping for the best.

As for his card values, they once were one of the highest valued cards on the market.  Since he was demoted, his cards have taken a big hit and many were going for only 10% of what they were going for in 2006 and 2007.  Since his hot start, his cards have begun to climb.  I view this pick up as a high risk high reward situation.  His autographs can be had for between $10-$25, which in 2006 would have been a bargain, however now it’s a gamble.  If he doesn’t break your heart this season it could be a great pickup, then again, if he breaks your heart it could be bad.


4 responses »

  1. Paulie3jobs says:

    Sounds like a AAAA league player.

  2. Corky says:

    I am there with you, I have had hope for this kid since he started. When I pulled his Lucky 13 autograph from Fleer Ultra in 2007 I was so excited.

  3. R.N. Coyote says:

    Still hoping for Butler/Gordon 1-2 punch. If it doesn’t work Royals fans might look forward to Butler/Moustakas 1-2 punch in the future

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