Dear Pirates Fan,

I do not know if anyone had seen the reports in Forbes magazine recently about the Major League Baseball. This article spoke about the money that teams have made during the 2010 season. What came out about Mr. Robert Nutting; the owner of my favorite farm team is a slap in the face to you, the fans. The fact that the Pirates made 25 million last season while showing some of the worst attendance numbers in the league shows nothing but utter greed.

I miss the days of Andy Van Slyke, Barry Bonds, and Bobby Bonilla tearing up the National League. It tears me up inside knowing that the You the people of Pittsburgh are being slighted. The Steelers and Penguins and every U Pitt game sells out week in and week out. The fact that people cry and moan about the “big” market teams like the Yankees and Red Sox is even more absurd knowing there are people like Mr. Nutting who is taking luxury tax money and just pocketing it.

When will Major League Baseball step in. The kicker is the fact that Selig states he has no knowledge of it and has stated this multiple times on multiple forums. Are we not sick of seeing the best players on this team with tons of upside traded away. How long until Jameson Taillon, and Tony Sanchez are traded to the Royals for Jeff Francoeur. How many examples of the dollar over the fan needs to be presented before one of these suits steps in.

Another major thing, Ralph Kiner who is one of the most underrated home run hitters of all time as well as numerous other Pirate Alumni will not acknowledge this POS owner. I also know the decent ball the are playing will not last especially in that division. What are we going to do?


Disgusted Baseball Fan


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  1. italian stallion says:

    Good article I can’t agree more.

  2. Another major reason why I just quit paying attention.

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