My wife and I are quite similar, although she really despises my card collecting / making habits. She herself is quite a collector.  You see she collects nail polish.  Before you judge, you have to realize there is a whole nail polish subculture out there, including blogs, forums, and just do one search on eBay and it will blow you away.

My wife has cataloged all of her nail polishes and I am afraid to know how many bottles she actually has.  So we were driving last night and she turns to me and says that she isn’t going to buy anymore nail polish until she tries on each color she has.  I turn to her and tell her no way can she do that without buying more sometime in the next 100+ days.  She asked if I wanted to make a bet.  I told her absolutely.  I even upped the ante, I told her that I will not purchase any cards during her color a day stretch.  We left a little wiggle room because I am trying to collect the 2001 Bowman Refractor Autograph set (18 without Pujols and Ichiro), so I can continue my pursuit of that.  Her wiggle room is a set of polishes she have been trying to find for months.

Once the terms of the bet were established, we had to come up with a reward for the winner.   So this all boils down to $50 to be spent on our respective hobbies to the winner.  For the next approximately six months, I will probably be looking to do some trades (since I can’t buy anything). I am looking forward to this, because I know I’ll be OK through this, but my wife?  I’m thinking she caves after a month.  Of course the first 21 days are the toughest, after that I may have to fork over the $50.

Have any of you out there ever made a similar bet with your significant other?


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  1. dawgbones says:

    I never bet with my wife, ever. Cause if she loses, do you ever really win??

    I live life by 1 simple rule, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!!”

    There comes a time where anything becomes ritual, I decided at one point to see how long it would take me to have another alcoholic beverage, would it be one week, one month? So far it’s going on 15, years, and I don’t miss a thing. I can’t say I’ll never have another, but it’s looking pretty dang close at this point!!

    Good luck, I hope your wife wins, only cause like I said, if she loses, do you really win??

  2. Mike D says:

    Amen on the momma stance.
    My fiancé doesn’t bet with me on anything. She knows that if I offer up a bet, likely it’s something that I already know, or I will go out of my way to prove it right, which I am guilty of doing. And she won’t touch anything with stats – that being my forte working as a sports editor.
    I can see you not buying any cards until July-ish, but for her to move into a new season of weather, which often requires a modification to suit outfits, heat, trends and friend’s opinions, she likely will crack.
    Have your Bowman list ready.

  3. Mike D says:

    PS – Who is going to officiate the purchasing? To make sure there is no hokey “general purchases” made at Marshall Fields or sketchy internet site for $68?

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