The day we made our bet, my wife sent me a text telling me she was at Target and  do I want or need anything.  I joked a pack of cards, she said, “anything we NEED”.  I said nothing and didn’t think much of it until she got home.

She proceeded to hand me pack after pack of cards.  All in all there were five packs, 2011 Opening Day, 2011 Topps Baseball, Garbage Pail Kids flashbacks, 2010 Score Hockey and 2010 Donruss Hockey.  We cranked them open and here is a best of what we found:

Click to Enlarge

I think our favorites are definitely the garbage pail kid cards.  The Matusz parallel was a nice find as well.  The one intriguing card pictured above was the Nick Spaling rated rookie card.  The card appears to have a spot where the sticker where the autograph would go, but no autograph.  It seems a bit lazy to me, but if it was an error on Panini’s side I thought it was interesting to bring up.  All in all not a whole lot of hits, but I do love my wife for bringing home some card fun.


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  1. The Donruss RR’s are all like that. Nothing special there. I think it was something in their design that was either never removed or intentionally left on there.

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