Last week I went to a card show @Hofstra University. The show had the likes of Robin Yount, Jose Canseco, Dave Parker, Dale Murphy, and Maury Wills among others. The athletes were very nice and my friend Big House and I had a great time. The show had over 300 tables loaded with loaded with more cards than you could ever imagine. One table had caught my eye. Over the last few years I have been working on completing the UD Reflections 2005. The cards were flashy and something about those shiny reflective cards plus the hits that were in the box I was impressed with. I remember when I opened my first box. My hits were a C.C. Sabathia Super Swatch card numbered to 25. A Pujols, and Griffey dual patch card number to 50 and a dual signed card featuring David Wright and BJ Upton numbered to 10. I was super stoked.

I ran back to the store and just continued to buy boxes and boxes. They were around 85 a box. So as time passed I was missing one card. It was a Dual Signed Jeter amd Ripken card. So to make a long story short I pulled it this weekend. I felt like I was working on my thesis for grad school again. Collecting this set was a serious undertaking. Now obviously I didn’t obtain all the one to ones and have set my limits there.

What has been the hardest set for you to complete? or What set have you been working on?
Happy holidays.

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  1. dave h says:

    About a little more than a year ago I started working on completing the 1951-52 Parkhurst hockey set. Money is my big obstacle, but it will certainly be a labour of love and the time it takes will make it that much more enjoyable. Right now I have 8 of 105, but none of them carry a BV above $150 so I have a little work to do!

  2. AdamE says:

    I spent about a grand building a set of 1996 Select Certified Football from packs back in 96. That was my last foray into set collecting.

  3. Mrreggie44 says:

    It took me 18 months to complete the AROD Road to 500 collection. Why? Still not sure, just felt like something good to collect, until “roids”. Anyhow, I lacked ARHR # 97 to complete it. Nine months later I found an ARHR 97 in a Beckett forum. Paid full book. Why not, its over now.

  4. Tim says:

    I actually collected all of the dual patches #/99 from this impressive set. It has been my favorite hand collated set I put together. BTW.. Nice pull on the Ripken/Jeter dual patch/auto.

  5. Laura says:

    I have heard the one of one sketch cards are not really one of one. Have anyone heard the same?

  6. 2005 Reflections has to be one of my favorite sets of all time. When it came out it was around the time I had my first decent paying part-time job. I bought box after box of that stuff because I love the patch auto hits, dual auto hits, and the super swatches. If I only had a case of that stuff in front of me right now, I would be so happy…until I started pulling redemptions lol

    Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  7. I am in the process of putting together the 2009 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Status #/100. 25 left, of 150. This is the non-auto version. I have had no success at the local shows. I wanted to go to Hofstra for that show, but I had a wedding to attend.

    Theses are the ones I have scanned:

    Still need:

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