The NFL draft starts tonight and although I have bitched about the talent level in this draft before, I’d like to reiterate the fact that this draft could possibly be the worst offensive talent in a decade.  The card companies are scrambling, they don’t even have a face of the draft right now.

All I have seen from Topps as far as promos go is Jake Locker and AJ Green.  Honestly to me that seems scary from a promotional standpoint.  Green is not the same kind of receiver as Calvin Johnson, he just doesn’t have that “Wow Factor” going for him.  As far as Locker goes, I have heard the comparisons for Farve, but he was awfully unimpressive in college.  One might make the argument that he wasn’t surrounded with enough talent at UW.  Although that might be true, great quarterbacks make it happen with the talent around him.

Everyone is in love with Cam Newton, but all I see is a liability.  With a first round failure rate at about 50% and Newton having a checkered past, I just see another Jamarcus Russell in the making.  Andy Daulton was a great college quarterback, but the NFL is littered with great college quarterbacks that never panned out in the league.  Blaine Gabbert is not a home run threat you build a franchise around, he’s a solid backup level quarterback.  I actually think Chris Ponder might be the best of the bunch.  He’s coming from a pro style offense, has a solid arm and form.  The only negatives is his history of injuries.

Lets look at the running backs . . . OK lets look at Mark Ingram.  He’s a solid back, nothing special really just a good all around back that should have a nice career in the NFL, as long as it’s not for Miami.  Miami is a run oriented team and although Ingram would work well in that situation, he will be third banana to Williams and Brown.  Instead Washington would be a nice spot for him to land or San Francisco.

I’d be lying if I said I was psyched about football cards this year.  From the “lockout” to the draft talent pool, I’m just not sold on this year’s product line.  Am I wrong? Is anyone out there interested in this years crop of incoming offensive rookies?  I hope I’m wrong, but I’m scared that I’m not.



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  1. You aren’t the only one not psyched, man. Not much excitement here. I just want there to be a season first and foremost. If all these cards are coming out without a football season…it will just be awkward.

  2. Nick says:

    Actually, this draft is loaded with WRs. But yeah, I agree in most other ways. There is no real “automatic superstar” like player in this years draft. And yes, Cam Newton will end up like Vince Young at best….

  3. Mike D says:

    I was thinking about this blog last night while taking in the draft coverage (yeah, I know…) and I came to the conclusion that this draft may be considered a dud from the prospecting level because the first round is predicated on line play. Something like 12 D-Lineman, a handful of O-line and the quarterbacks, most of which likely will take a few years to develop. And then Mel Kiper sitting on stage left, pissing and moaning about Andy Dalton not getting taken. When they announced Christian Ponder was drafted, the look on Kiper’s face was worth it. He doesn’t just scout talent, he bets on it. And he got that one dead wrong. It looked like he invested a lot in hyping Dalton, and at the end of the night, he kept whining about why his guy was not selected. That will stand out for me about this draft. Why the hype guys were not selected where the “experts” thought they would be.

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