Got another one in today from an eBay purchase:

Set: 2001 Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph subset (mail in redemption)

Card Number: 332

Player Name: Brad Cresse

Aquired through: eBay

Price: $3.49 including shipping

Flaws: fingerprint on the sticker (click on card to see better)

Player Bio: He was the top college catcher in 2000 and he was drafted in the 5th round by the Diamondbacks and had an amazing first season of minor league ball.  This of course led to his being a part of this autograph subset.  His first season he hit 0.312/18/66 between high A and AA.  He progressed to AAA by 2002 but never got the call to the majors as he never hit the ball as well after that first season.  He also played in the Cardinals and Dodgers farm system. He retired after the 2006 season.

Remaining cards left: 17

Total spent on set: $8.24


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