“…Any ideas on how to put this into packs?”

Leave a caption and win a prize.  The best caption wins! Contest will end on Saturday morning.

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  1. “Okay guys, this is nice, but it’s still not LIFE SIZE yet.”

  2. Patrick says:

    Our warehouse is overfilled with “Event Worn” Jerseys. Stitching them together into a Gargantu-Swatch will save Upper Deck from bankruptcy!

  3. “In order to deter pack-searchers, we will be putting game-used autographed Charlie Sheen cards into packs as decoys.”

  4. Go ahead, counterfeit this baby!

  5. “Because of this, card companies are now going to start testing for PED’s. I’m not going to turn this over and show you the bachne.”

  6. Rod says:

    so to corner the market, we make these, then we sell top loaders, pages and binders that they fit in.

  7. Tim H. says:

    Upper Deck is taking cards to another level again: The cards of the athlete will match the size of the athlete’s EGO!

  8. Dave H says:

    Do you think anyone will pay 2000 dollars per pack to get these cards?

  9. Samuel Pair says:

    So everyone, when someone sends in an expired redemption, we’re going to photo copy and blow up the original card to ridiculous proportions and send it to them… any questions?

  10. Ryan says:

    It’s Upper Deck, so they’ll just use a redemption card that expires before you pull it!

    If you were 1990s Donruss/Leaf/Playoff, you’d make an entire set of cards that big just for the fun of it.

    Oh, you want a caption. Um. “Hey, stockholders! It’s the next big thing in trading card gimmicks! Get it? Big thing! Hahaha! Okay, I’ll clear out my desk by 5pm.”

  11. “Would someone please hold the other side? I can barely lift this any longer.”

  12. Daniel M. says:

    “…Any ideas on how to put this into packs?”

    Just ask Rashard Mendenhall……….ooops too soon?

  13. Brian B says:

    The Kim Kardashian JUMBO Pack

  14. Kazi says:

    Yes, I’m the incredible shrinking man but still your boss. Now someone help me before I drop this card.

  15. bamlinden says:

    “One large top loader please. How big?…………..THIS BIG!”

  16. “Wait, do we have these guys permission to use their photos and signatures?”


    “Let’s go for it anyways. What’s the worst that could happen, eh?”

  17. connor says:

    “As the card collecting demographic gets older and older, they are having trouble reading the small scribble on these cards. So we came up with this!”

  18. Corky says:

    If we keep making cards big enough to match their ego we are going to run out of cardboard making Kobe’s card!

  19. Brayberry says:

    And Panini thought their “Jumbo Swatches” were jumbo, haha

  20. Mrpokey says:

    Forget jersey cards with small cut outs with a dinky piece of jersey, we’re going to start making SLEEVE Cards that has the entire sleeve in the card!!!!

  21. jl says:

    let’s make it a redemption hit in a non sports product, make it the case hit, and will get it graded, should make collectors chase our crappy product.

  22. Spankee says:

    “Everyone loves minis. we are going one step further. Introducing: The Maxi”

  23. Spankee says:

    “I figured Upper Deck would downsize, but damn that guy is small.”

  24. Mike D says:

    “You can mount this on the wall like a flat-screen. And look at the eyes, they FOLLOW you. Try getting your 3D TV to do that!”

  25. kettle says:

    First thing on ebay in years I dont mind paying the sellers ridiculous shipping costs.

  26. Weber 10 says:

    They are going to need lube to fit it in

  27. Mike Rinaldi says:

    Two Words, Shrink Ray.

  28. csd7227 says:

    If you think this card was big you should have seen the jersey we had to cut to make it.

  29. Scott says:

    “This year’s ‘The Cup’ set will be the actual size of the Stanley Cup”

  30. jordan says:

    “People might still, somehow, get plain white or grey jersey cards”

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