Already considered one of the strongest farms in major league baseball, the Royals have decided to bring up the first of their mega-prospects.  Eric Hosmer was recently called up from Omaha after just ripping AAA pitching apart.  He is considered a 4 tool player and will likey send Kila Ka’aihue packing down to Omaha.

Hosmer was considered the best high school player in the 2008 draft.  Although Beckham went number one overall, it really appeared to be a cost cutting move by the Rays.  Hosmer has the power and bat speed to become a mainstay with the Royals.  He reminds me a lot of another former Royal, George Brett.  Of course this could be only the beginning as the Royals have plenty of minor league talent sitting in AA and AAA.  Expect Wil Meyers and Mike Moustakas to be called up by June and Mike Montgomery and Dan Duffy won’t be too far behind.

Hosmer’s cards run from about $25 – $75 on eBay and will only go up.  As I am not a fan of prospecting, I can tell you that if he makes any waves in the majors, his card will sky rocket.  The baseball card industry is looking for another Evan Longoria and I think that this might be the ticket.  The question is, will his cards rise above their current levels.  I believe they will and a $25 investment today should yield $50 by mid – season.  As always buyer beware as he could always go the Alex Gordon route.

What is your take?


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  1. R.N. Coyote says:

    Alex Gordon came with lots of fanfare and haven’t made a big impact. Then again jump from AA to majors hurt him. Hope the team took their time with Hosmer

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