I’ve had a few people enquire about not only making custom cut autograph cards, but also through the mail customs.  Here is an example of two of them I made:

If you are interested in a card like this just let me know.  I will even through in the address to mail to to get an autograph.

Next up the winner of the caption contest:

Winner: “As the card collecting demographic gets older and older, they are having trouble reading the small scribble on these cards. So we came up with this!” by Connor

Runner Up: “Everyone loves minis. we are going one step further. Introducing: The Maxi”

Both readers will win a surprise autograph or game used card.  Please contact me with your address for me to get the card out to you.

Finally congrats to Justin Verlander for throwing his second no-no.  He still lives at the bottom of the eBay value barrel and that is a real head scratcher.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Are those physical cards or are they images?

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