So far there have been two no hitters thrown this season.  One from Francisco Liriano and a second from Justin Verlander.  Following Verlander’s no hitter, there were two near no hitters thrown by Anibal Sanchez and Jonathan Sanchez.

First off, I have to send out a pat on the back to Verlander who remains to be one of the elite pitchers in the American League.  The apathy shown to collecting his cards has always had me scratching my head.  Here is a guy selected in the first round of the 2004 draft.  He was selected second overall.  He was a Minor League Player of the Year, the AL Rookie of the year in 2006, and even had an All Star appearance in his first two years.

What more can he offer?  Oh yeah, how about two no-hitters? Still the guy gets no love from the collectors.  I need feedback on this because i have no idea why he isn’t collected more.  At first I toss it up to the hitter versus pitcher phenomena where hitters are worth more inherently.  Or maybe that he is in Detroit, but Hosmer is in KC and his cards are going crazy.

As for the Sanchezes’, I was always a fan of Anibal ever since he was a rookie.  His cards have always been dollar feeders but to be honest I can understand it because of his medical history.  I mean he was injured quite a few times between his rookie season and now.  With Jonathan, he knows how to ring them up and sit them down, but he lets up lots of walks and lots of runs.  If he could become a more efficient pitcher and use his pitch count more wisely he could become an elite pitcher.  Until then, check out the dollar bin for his autographs as well.

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  1. the sewingmachineguy says:

    The same oversight is perpetrated to Jack Morris. It’s a Detroit thang. That’s just fine by me as a collector though.

  2. If you’re talking near no-hitters, you should include Jaime Garcia and Yovani Gallardo

  3. Mike D says:

    I wonder if Verlander would get more PR if he were pitching in Boston, Philly or New York – YEAH HE WOULD! It helps those fans of him now, where his products are extremely affordable and available. But at the same time, he doesn’t get nearly the hype even Cole Hamels gets in Philly.

  4. K R Mann says:

    Collectors as a ‘whole’ are immature by age, and by immature attitude regardless of age. The best recent examples would be Halladay’s perfect game, and Gallaraga’s “stolen” perfection.
    With Verlander, I relish the fact that he is being ignored (except for the perennial ‘fixers’ for a few of their ‘target’ cards) . For most people, he was the ‘flavor of the month’ and his initial card offerings were given the usual spike in price, he had another spike after his 1st no-no, and there is current interest as expected with his 2nd.
    I see this guy as having the tools and a natural throw that put Nolan Ryan #s in play. The collectors who thought to give themselves a pat on the back for buying early-on, and are taking profit now, will eventually be saying, “…what was I thinking?” Next year and certainly after his next feat, or Play-Off appearance, manufacturers will compete to overproduce while offering a torrent of SPs. I gotta laugh at the ‘take it while I can’ prices for cards that were thought to have been ‘too many’ when initially offered and so have that stigma attached to them. Yep, his ‘Rookie’ auto.s were mass released compared to the norm, but everyone had the high expectations he obviously deserved and has met. This guy goes in the “Hall”. I’ll be buying his ’05 auto.s and SPs until then.

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