I’ve gotten so many requests for custom made cards and addresses that my head is spinning.  So I had an idea, to package a custom made card and a successful through the mail address.  Of course paypal takes 4.3% and mailings cost about a dollar, so keeping that in mind what would you think a fair price is?

What would you pay for a custom card (or two) and a valid address to send it to?


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  1. dgreen1899 says:

    Hey man, shoot me an email when you have a chance I have a few questions about you making a custom card or two for me. dgreen1899@aol.com

    I do not know how much you charged in the past for customs, but what ever you raise it to I am sure will be fair.

  2. Peterson says:

    Mario, Great to have you back, man. Can’t say that enough. I would def. pay more than 5-10 for a pair of these, but honestly I, personally, would pay a premium for the “cut”s etc. but depending on the player/design (your selection is right on up there) I would pay premium price for you to help me get in to the TTM auto game…please gmme a shout

  3. vio789 says:

    I would like to get some but I don’t pay by Paypal. Could I send the money through the mail?

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