Topps dropped some pictures of 2011 Finest Baseball on Beckett and Facebook. I have to give Topps some credit because for the past I don’t know how many years, they just rehashed the same design over and over and over.  Here are some of the pictures:



As you can see, the patch card looks sharp. The autograph / jersey cards are pretty cool looking.  The autograph card is essentially the same as previous years, but I do like the design of this year’s card much better than previous years.  The base card is more than likely going to look like the autograph card sans autograph.

The main problem with Finest is that it’s just not worth the price of the pack.  As always there will be lots and lots of parallels and for a product like this, there should not be as many as Finest will undoubtedly have.  Do I like the product, yes, am I willing to pay for it to open the box? Nope!  This is an eBay only purchase.


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  1. Brian B says:

    Dead on man, the patch card is awesome looking, and like u…. Im not payin the $$ for a box to get an Angel Pagon patch card!! LOL Keep up the great work, and PLEASE…bring back the Craigs List Idiot, the Lord needs to get back to work!!!!!

  2. Nick says:

    The title of this post should be renamed “Topps Finest at it’s Finest”

    Sadly, I’ll probaly be the sucker that ends up getting the Alex Cobb patch!

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