Lately, I’ve taken to collecting cards from around the time of my birth, which was in 1991. I’ve been seriously starting to collect cards from 1989 through 1992. They are really interesting sets to collect because of the amount of the modern-day stars that entered the league at around this time.

I have been sticking to Topps and Upper Deck and nearly completed the Topps 1990 set and have completed ’89 Upper Deck. I was at an antique mall the other day and came across a Bowman 1990 sealed box for $7, which I grabbed as soon as I saw. This would be my first early 1990s box and I was really excited to break it and see its contents.

Bowman 1990 is a really simple set – typical early nineties design, no inserts, not a huge amount of cards. Really easy to collect. Inside, I found a poster advertising the “new” 1990 set for merchants to hang in their window. This was still when Topps manufactured their product in Duryea, which is of special significance for me because I live about ten minutes from the town (interestingly enough, a former Capitol vinyl record factory is another ten minutes away from Duryea in Scranton, PA). The cards were wrapped in wax and contained a stick of gum, which still looked fresh, but was hard as a rock. Highlights from the break include Glavine, Bernie Williams rookie, one half of the Ripkin brothers (Billy) and Sosa rookie. This set was the first that was manufactured under the Bowman name in the standard size card format.

I also pulled several giveaway inserts that featured an illustration of players from the day and if you filled out the back of the card an sent it in, you were eligible to win the actual painting that was on the card. I managed to complete the set of the giveaway cards.

This has become a nice addition to my early nineties collection which has been growing rapidly these last few months.

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  1. Doc T says:

    Oh man, is this your lucky day! Here comes all the good news if you’re interested:

    I work in Raleigh, I have a ton of late 80s and early 90s cards I’m looking to unload, and I want nothing in return.

    If you’ve got want lists (Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Score, etc.), email them to me and I’ll start pulling cards for you. I can meet you after work or on a weekend. It’s a win/win for me, as I can help a collector out and I won’t have to ship anything!

    Let me know because I’d love to help you out!

  2. Doc T says:

    Duh, I just realized you and I tried working together on donating cards to kids. Anyways, I didn’t leave my email address, in case you don’t have it anymore. uncle_docs_closet(at)yahoo(dot)com.

    Seriously, if you want cards (no doubles) to help with your late 80s and early 90s sets, let me know. I can help out, plus I’m local.


  3. sanjosefuji says:

    I’ve been picking up early 90’s wax here and there too… mostly to hand out to my students. I never busted 1990 Bowman (at least I don’t think I did), but I busted a ton of 1989 Bowman. Back in the day… I loved the fact that they were bigger than the standard sized card… although it was a pain in the butt to store. Best of luck on completing those early 90’s sets.

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