Upper Deck’s Murderers’ Row:

Bad Wax Customs:


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  1. Paulie3jobs says:

    Bad Wax +1

  2. AdamE says:

    Cards always look better with a picture of the player on them. Plus the autos are just as legit…

  3. Brian B says:

    Agreed…gotta have the pic, small or not, its gotta be there

  4. dante says:


  5. Joe L says:


  6. sanjosefuji says:

    You got my vote too!

  7. bamlinden says:

    UD’s autographs are real…..gotta go with theirs.

  8. --David says:

    Seriously, UD or Topps or someone needs to hire you. The preview cards look stupid to begin with, but when pitted up against yours, they are downright pitiful.

  9. Mrreggie44 says:

    Without photo, card is worthless to me. Yours.

  10. Jay says:

    Bad Wax !

  11. Mike D says:

    The UD product has no personality to it. If you had a way to open the card and switch the autograph cuts, there would be no difference in the card if it was supposed to be Phil Rizzuto or Babe Ruth.
    Your works have a little personality with the photo and some sepia hues to them.
    Bad Wax has my vote.

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