One of the prospects I had been collecting for years was Brandon Wood.  I had always felt that with the talent that he had, much like Alex Gordon if he got the reps, he would become a solid hitter.  Well I was wrong about Brandon and the Angels apparently feel the same way since he was designated for assignment, placing him on waivers.  The Pirates had the first choice on waivers and claimed him.

For me it started in 2005 when with Rancho Cucamonga he hit 0.321/43/115.  Although that is California League baseball for you (all hit no pitching), you don’t just luck into 43 homers.  The next season he was moved to AA where he hit 0.276/25/83 and would be promoted to AAA for the 2007 season.  He followed up a solid season at AA with a 0.272/23/70 season at AAA Salt Lake City. Since then he has hit 0.296/31/84, and 0.292/22/72 in AAA over the next two seasons.

He got his first cup of Joe in 2007 and since then has never been able to hit major league pitching.  He is a classic 4A player, who can dominate AAA but can’t hit major league pitching.  Here is a look at his major league stats <link>. He is a career 0,169 hitter and has 11 career home runs in five seasons.  Not even close to what the Angels were expecting when they drafted him in the first round of the 2003 draft.  So the question is how long can you wait for a highly touted prospect to perform.  Apparently the answer is about five years.

There was a time when Wood’s 2003 Bowman Rookie autograph card was running into the $100+ region.  If he would have lived up to his 43 homer season in A ball that would have been a bargain.  Now the same card pictured below can be found for $5 or even less.  Sometimes prospecting sucks and here is a prime example.




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