Bryce Harper, the hobby’s current “it” boy is teeing off of low A competition in the South Atlantic League.  Harper who many consider a five tool athlete is not disappointing at all, in face he is on pace for at least a 20/20 season.  He has been with Hagerstown this season and is hitting 0.331/11/36 with 11 stolen bases though the first 50 games of the season.

It’s hard for me to imagine that he is going to stay in the Sally league for an entire season.  I expect him to be moved to either high A or double A by mid season.  I know that the current plan is one level a year, but he may be ready for big league pitching now.  Harper is one of the few players that I think could make the jump to the pros by the end of the season.

It also could be that the Nationals want to debut him with the return of Strasburg in order to generate some national attention.  If that’s the case, then he won’t be up until next season.  A lot of people would argue with me as to whether or not he is ready for the pros.  How bringing up a player too fast could hurt his career.  I just don’t think that’s accurate.  His bat speed and consistent swing tells me that he is going to make a name for himself in the MLB, possibly quicker than anyone imagined.

The Nationals are going to be a team to fear over the next few season,with a starter like Strasburg, a solid closer in Soren, and a lineup featuring Werth, Harper and Zimmerman, I see them definitely challenging for the eastern title quick a few times this decade.

His cards have always been in high demand, and thanks to his quick start, that hasn’t changed.  Even his base cards are fetching $20 a pop.  We haven’t seen something like that since the late 80s.  In the world of prospecting I hate calling anyone a sure thing, but in Harper’s case it really is hard for me not to call him can’t miss.  Probably because he’s not going to.



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