One of the main reasons I decided to do custom cut cards was to have a nice piece I can display on my desk of autographs that I would never be able to afford.  I have several ideas for great cards, including a tri-fold booklet I will be working on this month.  The one I am very excited about is the Hall of Fame Classes booklets I am going to be doing.  Here is the first class (and yes I know the title on the binding is wrong, that will be fixed):

I am only going to do one a month and will probably stop sometime in the 90s.  As you can see this is going to be a huge project and I will share pictures along the way.  I will update my card portfolio often and if any strike your fancy let me know.

I had long considered making a custom card club, where members can order cards (a certain number per month).  Other things I am still working on is Slice of Greatness (real cut autograph cards), I have acquired a few more Hall of Fame signatures, so this is going to be pretty cool.  The thing that always holds me back is the time it takes to create designs.

So if there are any series you might be interested in email me <here>.


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  1. Brian B says:

    Man, bottom line, your custom cards are awesome, I love them, already blew my 1st chance to get 1….it wont happen again

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