Every year there is always a litany of famous last names taken in the draft.  This year is no different.  Here is the list of sons of famous fathers, as a warning if you are 35 years old or older, you are going to feel really old after reading this.

Dante Bichette Jr. – Taken by the Yankees in the supplemental first round. Father is Dante Bichette, he is also an outfielder and mimics his dad’s skill set.

Dwight Smith Jr – Taken by the Blue Jays also in the first round supplemental round.  His dad is Dwight Smith formally played for the Cubs.

CJ and Keith Cron – Taken by the Angels and Mariners respectively.  Both are sons of former Angel Chris Cron, and nephews of Chad Moeller.

Alex Santana – Son of former Met Rafeal Santana, was drafted by the Dodgers.

Jack Armstrong Jr. – Son of former Red Jack Armstrong was taken by the Astros.

CJ McElroy – Son of former Rockie Chuck McElroy was taken by the Cardinals.

Derek Rodriguez – Son of future Hall of Fame member Ivan “IRod” Rodriguez, was taken by the Twins.

Trevor Gretzky – Son of “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky was taken by the Cubs.

Johnny Ruettiger – His uncle was the subject of the classic football film “Rudy,” was picked in the eighth round by Baltimore.

Shawon Dunston Jr. – Son of the former Cubs shortstop, was picked by the Cubs in the 11th round.

Cameron Seitzer – A first baseman for the University of Oklahoma, was taken in the 11th round by the Tampa Bay Rays. He’s the son of former big-leaguer Kevin Seitzer.

Garrett Buechele – The son of former big-league third baseman Steve Buechele, was a 14th-round choice of the San Francisco Giants. He’s an infielder for Oklahoma.

Ryan Garvey – Son of Steve Garvey was selected by the Phillies,

Deion Williams – A Georgia high school shortstop, is the grandson of former slugger George Scott. The Nationals picked Williams in the 16th round.

Christopher O’Brien – A catcher for Wichita State, was an 18th-round pick of the Dodgers. His father is former big-league catcher Charlie O’Brien.

Travis Henke – Right-hander from Arkansas-Little Rock, was taken in the 22nd round. His father is former Blue Jays closer Tom Henke.

Colin Kaline – Grandson of Al Kaline, was taken by the Tigers!

David Lucroy – Could join his brother Jonathan on the Brewers’ roster. David, a right-handed high school pitcher in Florida, was a 29th-round pick. Jonathan could be his catcher someday.

Bryan Harper – Doesn’t have any bragging rights on his brother. A year after Bryce Harper went No. 1 overall, Bryan was taken by Bryce’s team, the Nationals, in the 30th round. Bryan plays for the University of South Carolina.

Trent Boras – Son of agent, Scott Boras was drafted by the Brewers.

Casey Rasmus – Brother of Colby Rasmus, taken by the Cardinals.

Alexander Fernandez – Son of Alex Fernandez, and was taken by the Tigers.

Brandon Liebrandt – Son of Charlie Liebrandt, was selected by the Rays.

Brett Geren, Matthew Scioscia, and Shane Farrell – All drafted by their manager father’s major league teams (A’s, Angels, and Blue Jays).

Kyle Gaedele – a Valparaiso outfielder, was picked in the sixth round by San Diego after hitting .326 and 17 home runs in his college career. Take the “e” off the last name and you gave his great uncle, Eddie Gaedel, the shortest player in big-league history (3-foot-6) who famously pinch-hit in a St. Louis Browns game in 1951.


2 responses »

  1. Nick says:

    You forgot Pudge Rodriguez’s son!

  2. Ha! Anyone who drafts Boras’ kid is gonna get raked over the coals at the bargaining table!

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