If you look closely in the distance you can see a identifiable stadium in the background.  Name what city I’m in and have a chance to win an autographed card.  Good Luck!


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  1. Brian B says:


  2. Don Sherman says:

    Looks like it has rained there recently so I know where it is not, as it has not rained here in a month. Will guess Seattle.

  3. Scott says:

    denver, colorado

  4. Jimmy Tran says:

    Looks like Invesco Field in Denver, CO.

  5. Dave H says:

    I will go with Denver, Co.

  6. dawgbones says:

    Mile high stadium in DEnver

  7. Nico ED says:

    I think it is Denver, Colorado. That appears to be Invesco Field

  8. Dunkin says:

    Looks like Denver, Co

  9. mike says:

    Denver, Colorado

  10. polishgooner says:

    Milwaukee, WI

  11. Ty says:

    Denver, CO. I was there this weekend!

  12. Tom says:

    Denver, CO

  13. Tyler C. says:


  14. Brendan says:

    Denver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Carlos says:

    Citi Field. Queens, NY

  16. Dustin says:

    It’s already been guessed plenty, but I’ll say it anyway: Denver.

  17. Bill says:


  18. Mike D says:

    That is definitely Denver Colorado!

  19. cubsfan731 says:

    That’s definitely Denver.

  20. Quinton says:

    Denver all the way

  21. vio789 says:


  22. Bob says:

    denver, co

  23. Daniel says:

    Osama Bin Laden’s former address in Abbottabad, Pakistan. I recognize that compound anywhere.

  24. niktigs says:

    Denver, Colorado

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