So I am flying home from Denver with a connection in Atlanta, and there are lots of delays and cancellations.  My flight is jammed packed and every seat is taken.  I sit down and am always curious about the person next tom me.  I see him thumbing through the Baseball America Baseball Directory guide and knowing that the Tournament of Stars is going on in Cary, NC I put two and two together and figured that he was a coach or a scout.

Turns out I was wrong, he is actually an agent.  So we spoke baseball for the whole flight and it was quite interesting.  So often we get to see the final product of baseball and baseball cards, but we don’t know what goes into it.  I asked him a few questions about how the card companies interact with player and what are some of the fees.

The first question I had for him was how much per autograph do the players get for signing stickers.  He gave me one example of a prominent recently drafted first rounder, $7.50 an autograph and told me that represents a pretty good average of what prospects can expect.  Of course everyone is different but you get the picture.  So remember that when you are plunking down $200+ for a case of Finest, and get hit after hit of prospects.

Next I ask him about his players signing autographs.  This was an interesting talk because he tells his guys to sign and generate a link to the fans.  My feelings as one who goes out to get autographs is, he is correct.  For every athlete I meet and get an autograph from, I feel a bond with the player.  It makes me want to root for him and I feel good when his career advances.

I tell him about my blog and we had some ideas as to how he could promote his players and I could get some great posts on my blog, not to mention some giveaways in the form of autographs.  I have to say his client list is VERY impressive and I even told him how one of his clients has a very reproducible signature that led to lots of fake autographs on eBay.  As you can tell I am being guarded with respect to his name and client list, simply because I don’t want to burn a contact that could help me with post contents.

You can look forward to more profiling of players and more giveaways, as I strive to turn this blog into something special.

No it’s not Jerry McGuire!


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  1. The Dimwit says:

    It’s Scott Boras, isn’t it… you lucky dog… hahaha…

  2. deal says:

    Great chance meeting! – hope it creates some fun opportunities for you.
    I sat across the aisle from Harry Kalas once and recall it fondly.

  3. Spankee says:

    That’s pretty awesome. You should have mentioned that sticker autos suck.

  4. That’s awesome! Usually I sit next to the guy who should have bought two seats but decided to squeeze into one.

  5. Great read, looking forward to seeing what comes of this here on the blog!

  6. Very cool, best I have sat next to is Adrian Gonzalez’s brother, Edgar, when he was flying between Portland (former AAA) and San Diego. Very nice guy.

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